How Do You Travel With a Mini Pig?

Driving has not been a problem with my mini pig. Since we have taken him as often as we can when we go somewhere, he has well realized that it is a part of life.

When he was little he sat or lay on my lap in the front seat, but when he started to get taller he did not get the space I thought he should have. Then we moved him to the back seat and there he sits/lies so comfortably between the children. Preferably with his head in the arms of one of them!

As he was going into the car in front of one of the children, to be able to sit in the middle, we also taught him in this crank to jump in himself. We lay a towel on the seat to protect against dirt from the hooves. When we travel shorter distances, he stands or sits. It is only when we have ridden for a good while that he lies down. He can also be himself in the back seat and keep his balance well, as long as you do not brake.

In our new car, my mini pig will extend the rear seat a little in the middle so that the risk of him stepping in between is reduced. Shows with a picture in the spring of how it will be when we got the new car.

Here are some traveling accessories you might find useful, when we go on holiday nowadays, we go camping or rent a cottage in a new place. Do you have any good holiday travel tips – feel free to contact us!

Pig Ramp For Car

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✅ Best Pet Products Multi-Purpose Bi-Fold Ramp

Good value for money – The entire flat service has a rough sort of gritty coating and is a very stable edifice once properly in place. Jazz took to it like a duck to water only needing to be lifted onto it once. He runs up and down it with no problem. 

Pig Harness

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PIGGY HARNESS – Unlike other multicolored flimsy cheap harness, we only use the most suitable material and size for animals, our 6mm nylon rope for pets won’t rubs the hair off the pig. and allow to provide your piggy soft and comfortable.

Pig Toys

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✅ Best Pet Pig Outdoor Play Pen

Very safe and fun – It performs all functions well; the pigs are able to walk, tail wag, wiggle nose and snort, and run around. This allows small pigs to play outdoors in a secure environment without getting hurt or lost.

Pig Treats For Training

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