Horse Riding Boots for English Riding

English riding is comprised of many riding disciplines that are more formal and elegant than the Western style of riding. Just as a saddle differs on each riding style, so it is as well in the selection of horse riding boots. The boots you choose must conform to the riding style that you are involved with.

English horse riding boots are categorized into four groups: field, dressage, hunt, and paddock/jodhpur boots. Generally, English boots are tall and black so the legs from the ankle up to the knees are adequately protected when performing the routines we often observe in equestrianism. If you are new to the horseback riding world and wish to learn more about English riding, here are some of the types of riding in English style.

  1. Show Jumping. Probably the most common form of English riding, it requires the rider to guide his horse when jumping 15 or 20 fences without knocking down bars as much as possible or having to deal with a horse that refuses to jump. It is a timed event and going beyond the time limit will mean “faults” to the horse and rider team.
  2. Classical dressage. Also similar to the dressage different horses are used for more complex routines.
  3. Eventing. It is a mixture of dressage, showjumping and cross-country jumping. It usually lasts up to three days, meaning one event per day.
  4. Dressage. This refers to the event which showcases a horse’s ability to follow instructions from its rider. The rider will get points based on how the horse executes commands with speed, obedience and calmness with high levels of balance, rhythm and accuracy.

English riding is a more formal and traditional sport, and so clothing for events is kept on a standard which comprises of hunt cap, fitted jackets, a shirt with a tie, breeches, and tall boots.

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