Horse Resources And Links

Here are a few websites that could be of interest to you in your search for horse knowledge:

Farrier Associations and Clubs


  • is a website known for their extensive libraries of horse knowledge, but mainly for the excellent forums that are populated with full-time farriers, vets, and horse owners from all walks of life.  If you’ve got a question or a peculiar problem that needs solving, there is bound to be a competent horse person that has the knowledge you need found here.
  • Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog – A very informative blog written by the editor of Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine
  • Equine Lameness Overview Page – A page related to some of the varying lameness conditions that can be found in a horse.
  • List of Horse Breeds – a huge list of horse and pony breeds found at wikipedia.
  • List of Horse Coat Colors – this site has a great overview of the different colors of horses, with some extensive discussion on genetics.
  • Horse Facts and Information  – interesting facts about horses
  • Horsetopia Classifieds – Horse classifieds directory
  • The Horse Forum – Great forum for all subjects to do with horses

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