Horse Hoof Care Information

Many aspects impact a horse’s health, including correct diet, living circumstances, genetic influence, and more, but one of the most crucial factors to consider is hoof care.

A vital aspect to remember is that improper foot care will have an impact on the horse’s general health.

The classic proverb “No Hoof, No Horse!” may be overstated, but it is quite accurate. The material collected here pertains to the most prevalent difficulties surrounding horse foot care, as well as any other pertinent information that may assist a horse owner, horse trainer, horse doctor, farrier, or industry expert.

Horse Hoof Care Topics:

  • What is Good Horseshoeing?- Free Online Horseshoeing Book

This book by John Emsley has been rewritten and is now available at Horse Hoof Care. It is an outline of good horseshoeing prepared for the benefit of horse owners. Here’s a link to the introduction page of Good Horseshoeing.

  • General Hoof Care Issues

A horse’s care and well-being are reliant on regular hoof care maintenance. This will include a variety of responsibilities for the horse owner as well as frequent visits from a qualified Farrier. This section contains issues pertaining to general maintenance recommendations.

  • Farrier Visits
  • Hoof Supplements
  • Hoof Oils and Hoof Conditioners
  • How to Become a Farrier

Horse Hoof Problems:

  • Horse Foot Infections

The horse’s hoof may develop a variety of illnesses that are classified as hoof diseases. The topics covered in this section are all directly connected to hoof sick diseases.

  • Laminitis / Founder
  • Horse Hoof Thrush
  • Navicular Syndrome
  • White Line Disease
  • Ringbone in Horses
  • Horse Hoof Injuries

A horse’s existence is punctuated by bursts of high-speed equine activity. Hoof injuries are a regular issue that must be addressed. This section contains information about different horse hoof injuries.

  • Cracks, Splits, and Chips in Horse Hooves
  • Bruising on a Horse’s Hoof
  • Abscess in a Horse’s Hoof

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