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Is your guppy fish swollen???

If it is not pregnant and also not suffering from dropsy disease, it might be due to constipation.

Guppy fish may suffer from constipation from time to time due to overfeeding, improper food, or some kind of food allergy. Constipation can cause bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite, trouble swimming, and a swim bladder. You should take it seriously because constipation is life-threatening to your guppy fish. This site is explaining full details about guppy constipation.

Treatment For Guppy Constipation

If it is identified that your guppy fish is suffering from constipation, quick treatment is in need. The treatments you can provide are:

  • Lack of fibers in the diet mainly causes constipation. That is why the best treatment feeds your guppy fish with a high fiber diet. High fiber food acts as a natural laxative that helps fish to resume natural digestion by expelling accumulating feces. The best food for treating constipation is tinned peas. These can be used as a whole for large fish but for smaller ones you need to chop these.

CAUTION: It is important to avoid any other food during the use of peas as a treatment.

  • In severe cases of constipation, Epsom salt can be used as a treatment. Epsom salt is a muscle relaxant that provides ease to release feces. Dose the tank with 1-3 teaspoons of Epsom salt per five gallons of water in the tank.
  • You can also increase the temperature of the tank between 22-28 degrees Celsius or 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. You can increase 1 or 2 degrees more in temperature.

Preventions From Guppy Constipation

You can prevent your guppy from constipation by following these tips:

  • Stock the aquarium with fast-growing Java Moss that is the perfect vegetable addition to your guppy’s diet that prevents constipation.
  • For once in a week feed guppy with a high fiber diet.
  • Maintain the water temperature in the aquarium.
  • Avoid overfeeding the guppy fish.
  • Don’t make blood warms a regular part of your fish diet.
  • Introduce natural volcanic rocks (EcoBio-Blocks) to produce beneficial bacteria and nutrients for guppy fish.
  • Use a big aquarium for guppy that provides more space to guppy fish for swimming that will keep it healthy.

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