Hedgehog Owner & Lover Gift Ideas [27+ Cute Amazon Options]

Everyone loves hedgehog gifts. Even for non-hedgehog owners, it is a good gift theme for anniversaries, housewarmings, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, etc. Why?

  • Hedgehogs symbolized good luck to the ancient Egyptians.
  • The hedgehog spirit gives you the power to protect yourself and to take care of your loved ones actively.
  • The hedgehog is also symbolic of fertility and connection to the earth.
  • In a dream, hedgehog is there to tell you to relax and let go of some of your stress.

Here is a list of my favorite gifts for hedgehog owners/ lovers.

Hedgehog Garden Gifts

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This would make a cheerful gift for just about anyone.

It isn’t bright enough to show the hedgehog in the garden but totally bright enough as an accent light or nite lite. Perfect for indoor(next to the window), or outdoor.

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“Super freakin’ cute! I wasn’t prepared for how much I absolutely love this little guy. In fact it’s so cute I’m almost afraid it will be stolen.” –  If you need or want a rain gauge and love garden decor and little animals this is for you.

Hedgehog Gifts For Women

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The hedgehog is metal with multiple crystals set into it. It sparkles incredibly! The chain is also well constructed and solid. 

Hedgehog Stuffed Animal

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If you love hedgehogs and plushies you need one of these. The hedgehog is adorable–sweet expression and wiry-soft. Worth every dime.

Larger than expected (compared to a real hedgehog). Super cute and adorable. Holding up well. The texture is very interesting.

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It arrived in a huge box, not squished at all, and came out smelling and looking very nice. 

It is the comfiest and softest guy around, he really makes lounging in bed so much easier.

Hedgehog Gifts For Mum

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These little critters are so cute! While they’re measuring cups, most people don’t plan to use them as such. The smaller ones will be used for snacks, while the larger ones will be used in some decorative way. For instance, I might put some succulents in the largest one.

Hedgehog Gifts For Kids

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Gifted. Loved!

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Cute stickers for party bag. Great for little hands.

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Lego no substitute! Love love love this unique design.

Hedgehog Gifts For Toddlers

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Babies love to feel the tags! This toy with ALL THE TAGS is a glorious find, and helps any baby to sleep.

It is soft, fluffy, and wonderful. And it is machine washable….which is another win.

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The size is lower to the ground allowing smaller/younger children to enjoy it as much as older ones. Seat is padded and comfortable. Wheels are a little wonky — like office chair or furniture casters so I would not personally recommend for outdoor play where it will get “beat up” more.

What I love:

Size is great for pushing or riding
Excellent quality leather body and wooden base

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This stuffed animal storage “chair” is so cute. It’s a great way to store all those mountains of stuffies in a functional way.

Put top plush stuffed animals in it so it’s lumpy and hard. Then it’s cheaper then your average bean bag chair and stores all your kids stuffies at the same time!

Hedgehog Gifts For Teachers

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Nice gift for teachers, co-workers, classmates, etc. Simple design, really cute but not too busy. Appears to be well made. It makes the gift receiver smiles inside every day 🙂

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The pages are nice and thick. It’s a very pretty journal, with a thick cover and sturdy pages, as well and appears well-made. The pages are lined, sort of yellow in color.

Hedgehog Gifts For Boys

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They help kids get creative, safe to use, and come in four different vibrant colors! Excellent Product!!!

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Sturdy construction and washes well! Just note THIS IS NOT A COMFORTER IT’S A DUVET COVER!

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This STEM project is a really nice quality. Finally a cool hedgehog. Great for any kid that wants to take LEGO building skills to the next level ?

Hedgehog Gifts For Girls

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This little planter is the perfect way to display a small succulent in a creative way. Perfect as a housewarming gift, mother’s day gift, birthday gift, etc.

Tree Hole Hedgehog planter comes with a teeny tiny hole and clear plastic plug for water to come out of, but it’s really small so I think this is best for succulents or air plants, or faux plants.

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Lovely little sylvanian hedgehog, gorgeous little accessories! Added to an ever growing collection… 

This is one of the cheaper ones and Sylvanian are renowned for being expensive. Anyway, it’s nice quality, comes with a blanket, brush and water bottle.

Hedgehog Scarf

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From a distance the hedgehogs look like flowers or beautiful abstract shapes, then up close you see what they are. It’s very long and looks super cute worn in many different ways. It is light and comfortable instead of being made from a heavier/bulkier material, great for wear it at work.

It is perfect for the friend who puts “anything with hedgehogs on it” at the top of the Christmas list & the friend who collects hedgehog everything to wear and to display 🙂

Personalised Hedgehog Gifts

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This is a very popular gift for crafty people. Be sure to use a glaze or seal before placing outdoors as the rain will wash the paint away. Nice way to spend time with the gift receiver!

Hedgehog Gifts For Men

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Thick, bright colors, quality product. They don’t stretch out and hold their color.

Sonic The Hedgehog Gift

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The head piece is very nice. It’s a strong material. It’s cozy, it’s long and wide enough to cover the entire body and it looks exactly like Sonic.

Hedgehog Greeting Card

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Card Set arrives flat and features cheerful hedgehogs with space on the inside for your personalized message. Sort Through each card for a different picture surprise.

There is a lot of room to write on the card! I suppose, brevity is the soul of wit! 


Hedgehog Themed Birthday Party Preparation

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Moms can relax and celebrate in style by having all of these hedgehog birthday party decorations together in one easy pack!

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These are the perfect addition to any party. Perfect size, similar to most Mylar balloons sold at grocery stores. Super easy to inflate and it’s been a week and they are still floating! So so so adorable.

Hedgehog Gift Wrap

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The pattern is really cute, and the colors are vibrant. High quality paper that turned out to be the most loved wrapping paper at Christmas. Worth every cent.

It’s a bit expensive for the amount you get. But where else will you find hedgehog Giftwrap???

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