Hedgehog Accessories & Toys – Supplies List For New Pet Owners

Learn to provide basic care to your pet hedgehogs. Here is your guide on how to choose the best accessories & toys for a hedgehog’s long-term well-being. 

Accessories & Toys : Accessories

You will need a ceramic dish for the food.  Heavier than most of the bowls, it makes it harder to tip over or move it.

As for water, you have the choice between a dish (same as the food) or a plastic bottle.  Some prefer the bottles because the bedding doesn’t get in the water and others prefer the dish for easier access.  At the Association, we don’t have a preference.  It’s totally up to you.

You might need a corner litter if your hedgehog is trained.  Below, you will find tips on how to litter train your animal.  It’s always good to try but you can’t pressure a hedgehog to listen.  You will find those litter trays at pet shops in the small animals’ section.  As for the brand of litter to use, we recommend Yesterday’s News.

Your hedgehog will need a small cover to keep warm and hide under.  Polar is the perfect fabric to keep the warmth and is easy to wash. 

If your cage is big enough, you can put a house for him to sleep in.  Use your imagination to create a shelter from a plastic bowl.  Pet stores sell nice igloos that are big enough for hedgehogs.

Accessories & Toys : Safe toys

The hedgehog is an animal that loves to play with small toys.  The exercise wheel is the perfect toy for your animal.  He will run most of the night and stay in shape.  He can run up to 8 km a night.  Your wheel must have solid flooring to prevent injuries to the feet.

The exercise ball is another great way for your hedgehog to move.  It’s important to keep an eye on your hedgehog to make sure he doesn’t get close to the stairs.  An accident can happen so fast.

The exercise pen can be like a second home for your hedgehog.  You can put his toys, cover, food, water, and much more when he’s in the pen for a long time.  You can either build one or buy one in a pet store.

Don’t you forget the toilet roll!  It costs nothing and your hedgehog will have hours of fun putting it on his head.  If you put a small ball, he will try to pick it up and insert it in the roll.  It can provide you with hours of entertainment!

Plastic plants can be easily found at any dollar shop.  It might sound weird but hedgehogs love to walk around with their plant. 

Plush toys, homemade fabric toys, or balls are good toys to have.  The important thing is to avoid anything too sharp or too small.

Accessories & Toys : Litter

Your hedgehog is a very intelligent animal.  He can easily learn how to use a litter just like a cat or a small dog.

You need the patience to succeed.  Hedgehogs can take a few days before understanding the process. 

The best litter to buy is the corner litter.  It takes less space in the cage.  Use Yesterday’s News for your hedgehog and not the same litter you would take for a cat.

Wait for your hedgehog to do his business.  If he does it on the side, take the excrement in a plastic spoon and put them in the litter.  Move your hedgehog to the litter to show him what you have just done.

If your hedgehog decides to use the litter, give him a treat.  Talk to him, he will understand.

It’s not a very difficult process but you will need time and to be present.  Like a dog, you can show him what is right and what is wrong.  If you give him a treat, make sure to do it right after he succeeded so he can understand the gesture.

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