Having a Cat Water Fountain 2023 [tips for Owners & Faqs]

What Is A Cat Water Fountain, And How Does It Help?

Why not just use a bowl for water instead of getting a fountain? To begin, cats tend to disregard a dish that contains water, but they are drawn to the purring sound that comes from a water fountain. Second, cats are quite choosy eaters; they would never drink water that is cloudy or unclean. The water in a fountain is continuously mixed, and as a result of the circulation that takes place within the fountain, the water is oxygenated and has the aroma and flavor of fresh stream water. Thirdly, the very best versions of cat water fountains come equipped with built-in filters that may clean the water and make it taste better.

An automatic cat water fountain is an absolute necessity for your home if your feline friend stubbornly refuses to drink, drinks too little water, or shows a preference for water that is running from the faucet. This is of utmost significance for people who have cats that consume solely dry food purchased from a commercial source. You need to be aware of the different kinds of this apparatus in order to be able to select the appropriate fountain model.

Types Of Cat Water Fountains

The structure of virtually every type of automobile water fountain is essentially the same. To put it more plainly, it is nothing more than a bowl equipped with a device that causes water to move around in a circle. But the evaluations of the finest water fountains for cats indicate that there are actually various distinct varieties of this kind of product.

Water fountains can be produced of:

  • ceramic;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic.

The most affordable variants are made of plastic, while the most expensive choice is a cat water fountain made of stainless steel. The following are some possible types of power sources for fountains:

  • electric;
  • gravity-run.

Some folks are curious about whether or not there are models of cat water fountains that function on batteries. Regrettably, as of this moment in time, there are no fountains that can be powered by batteries. Fountains can be constructed in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • with running water;
  • without running water (circulation only).

In our cat water fountain review, we’ll cover different models and compare their characteristics.

Cats And Water: Five Facts To Consider

1. Cats frequently are not aware that they are thirsty until it is too late. Their perception of thirst is dulled as a result.

2. Depriving your four-legged pet of water might put them at risk for developing major health issues, such as kidney stone disease. This is especially true for cats who have been sterilized.

3. Just like human beings, cats should not drink water from the tap since it is contaminated. You shouldn’t give your animals any water that you wouldn’t drink yourself.

4. Many cats will drink from the toilet bowl or the faucet rather than from the specific bowls that are filled with water. They are reminded of natural water springs by the sound of running water.

5. A drinking fountain for cats can be transformed into an eye-catching piece of decor that complements the existing style of any room in your house. There are even those that have a more muted illumination.

How To Care For A Cat Water Fountain?

It doesn’t matter if you purchased an inexpensive plastic cat water fountain or an expensive stainless steel cat water fountain; you still need to take adequate care of it in order to extend its lifespan and ensure that your kitties have access to clean drinking water throughout the entire year. There are a few basic guidelines that you must adhere to, but they are quite crucial. They concern the cleaning of the water reservoir, replacing the filter in the cat water fountain, and the water that is used.

Change Water Regularly

Every single cat abhors stale water. Even if the water in a fountain is filtered and recycled on a regular basis, it still needs to be replaced on a regular basis. If your cat is not an avid drinker, it may only drink a small amount of water each day. As a result, the water level in the Petmate cat water fountain may appear to be stable even after several days have passed. However, regardless of how much water is in a bowl, it should be emptied, the reservoir should be cleaned, and it should be refilled with clean water at least once a week.

Make Sure It’s Enough Water In Your Fountain

It is essential that a water fountain not be allowed to run empty at any point. When there is not enough water in the reservoir, the motor has the potential to overheat, and the appliance will soon be rendered inoperable. If you look inside the bowl of a fountain, you’ll find a line that denotes the lowest acceptable water level; you should aim to pour water that is significantly higher than that line. It is of the utmost significance when you are planning to be out for the entirety of the day or to be out from your home for several days.

Replace Cartridges And Clean The Fountain On A Regular Basis

There is not a single cat in the entire world that would ever drink filthy water. When water in a fountain passes through a filter, it becomes clean and ready for consumption. It is necessary to often replace the filter cartridges in order to keep the level of purification at a high standard. The amount of time that a cartridge is good for varies from model to model, but it is typically between two and four weeks. When you disassemble the fountain, make sure you wash all of the internal components, including the filter, the impeller, and any other moving parts, with warm soapy water. Do not be lazy about cleaning the cat water fountain; instead, read the user manual to learn how to do it properly and then do it.

Use Only High-Quality Drinking Water

It is not necessary to purchase replacement filters every two or three weeks if you do not wish to do so. In this particular instance, however, you should only consume water that has been filtered or bottled to ensure its purity. Never give your dogs water directly from the faucet without first filtering it. You obviously don’t want them to catch anything, do you?

Don’t Add Any Supplements To Water Without Need

Giving your housecat or dog an adequate amount of clean, fresh drinking water is the most effective way to keep them hydrated. It’s possible that you’ll need to give your pet some vitamins or supplements if you put it on a particular diet. However, many industry experts advise against mixing vitamins with drinking water. Cats with a refined palate may choose not to drink it. Either include the vitamins into the food or provide them on the side. Seek the advice of a veterinarian if you are unsure how to carry out the procedure correctly.

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