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This article was written by Marilyn Marks, who is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Owner of The Good Dog Spot in Bloomfield.

Dogs can range in size from the equivalent of a teacup to that of a small horse. Because of common misunderstandings regarding their size, “giant” breeds, which refer to the largest dog breeds, are frequently disregarded as candidates for adoption as household pets.

The St. Bernard, the Newfoundland (also known as a Newfie), the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, the Great Dane, the English Mastiff (along with some of the other large mastiffs), the Irish Wolfhound, and the Scottish Deerhound are all examples of giant dog breeds. There is no single metric that can definitively distinguish between giant and large. Someone who is more comfortable with Yorkies might think that a Labrador is quite large.

When people see a giant breed of dog, one of the first things that comes to their mind is how difficult it would be to manage undesirable behaviors. To their great good fortune, giant dogs do not consider jumping up to be either necessary or comfortable. Their eyes and nose are already at a level that is high enough for them to see and reach what they want without having to jump. Additionally, the majority of giant dogs move in a way that is much slower and more deliberate than other types of dogs. They are significantly less active than the typical laboratory. They are also not as likely as you would think to comprehend that they are able to leap over pet gates; they can be just as clumsy as puppies.

The majority of giant dog breeds are couch potatoes when they reach adulthood. They do not require as much space either inside or outside as you might think they do, but they do require a couch. It is much simpler to tire out a Lab or Golden Retriever by taking them for a walk at the same distance and speed as these guys because they require less exercise.

There is no difference in difficulty between training a giant breed and training any other breed. The dog’s brain, which is the same size in all dogs, can be used to exert control over him instead of physical yanks on a choke collar. This can be accomplished by providing the dog with positive reinforcement.

The sheer size of large breeds makes it more difficult for “undesirable” types to breed with them. However, these breeds also have a tendency to be aware of their own size and strength, and as a result, they will often instinctively lay down so that children and puppies can play with them.

The cost of buying a dog of a large breed is not significantly different from the cost of buying a dog of another breed; however, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a large breed dog at the local shelter. If you choose a giant breed of dog, you can expect to pay slightly more for everything else (including food, boarding, veterinary care, pet supplies, and transportation), despite the fact that the initial cost of the dog won’t be significantly different. It is essential that you are able to meet all of your dog’s requirements, so you should not dismiss the importance of the additional expense.

The size of the messes that have been left in the backyard is one of the concerns of prospective buyers. If you pay close attention to what they eat, the size of their feces and how easy it is to dispose of them are not significantly different from those of large breeds that are not giant, especially if you feed them a healthy diet. The use of premium dog food should result in stools that are less loose and more solid, making them easier to clean up after.

The shorter life expectancy of giant dogs is another important factor to take into consideration. Giant dogs have a life expectancy of eight to ten years, which is significantly lower than the average of about 12 years for most other breeds of dogs. This is not due to poor breeding. It is not simple to go through this kind of loss on a regular basis, but their enormous hearts, which give all of that loving, simply konk out.

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