Furbo Dog Feeder Pet Camera Review 2023

Furbo Dog Camera Review 2022: World’s First Treat-popping Pet Camera

Do you ever wonder what your dog gets up to while you’re away from the house?

You are not the only person who has that opinion, either. Because of this, Tomofun has developed the very first Furbo treat-popping dog camera in the history of the globe.

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Furbo Dog Camera Overview: 4.5/5.0

  • Design: 4.5/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4.5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

Your dog wastes a lot of time sitting at the door, waiting for you to return from work or any other activity. As a direct consequence of this, some of the dogs get agitated, while others become worried. The idea behind Furbo is to give you control over your pet even when you are not there. When people are feeling stressed, they can use this opportunity to assess their conduct and find ways to relax.

In this review of the Furbo dog camera, we are going to find out how well it works.


  • For the purpose of our study of pet cams, we found the sleek appearance of the Furbo to be very impressive. Despite this, it was somewhat larger than I had anticipated. In addition to this, setting up the device was a breeze.
  • After you have connected it, you will need to download the Furbo app onto your mobile device from the Google Play or iTunes store, respectively. As long as you follow the directions that appear on the screen, you should be good to go.
  • The ease with which goodies can be loaded is just another advantage of using Furbo. Simply pull off the cap, and then pack it to its utmost capacity. In addition to having good night vision, the camera is able to record video of a high quality. Additionally, the barking alert serves a very utilitarian purpose.
  • In addition, delivery is free within the United States, there is a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days, and there is a warranty for the first year.


  • The only drawback that we encountered when testing out the Furbo dog camera was the limited storage space for goodies and the size restrictions on those treats. In order for them to pass through the dispenser, they need to be quite little and spherical.


Together with Furbo, Tomofun has proven to be an extremely effective packaging design. In order to do this study of a pet cam, I first opened the usual delivery box and then retrieved a brown box from inside. The retail packaging may be found included within the brown box. The product’s package features a white exterior that acts as a quick reference guide to all of its features.

The sleeve can be removed in order to expose the silhouette of Furbo that is printed on the front of another brown box. Place it so that the face is facing up, and then lift the front of the box to expose a Furbo that has been artfully presented inside. If you remove the cardboard that the device is currently resting on, you will be able to view the remaining items in the package.

The following is a rundown of everything that can be discovered within the retail packaging:

  •  Furbo dog camera,
  •  USB power wall adapter,
  •  7-foot non-tangle charging cable with USB and micro USB connectors, and
  •  quick start guide.
  •  Design and Highlights

The Furbo has a contemporary appearance that is characterized by sleek contours and a shiny finish. The white body is contrasted with the green bamboo leaves, which are environmentally friendly. It is approximately 9 centimeters in length, 4.75 centimeters width, and 6 centimeters deep. Because it is so thin, it may be placed discretely on the edge of a shelf thanks to these measurements. At the very top of the front panel of Furbo is where you’ll find both the microphone and the speaker. The high-definition camera can be found underneath it, followed by a sensitive light sensor. The door that leads to the candy dispensing machine is located further down.

The status LED indicator is located at the very bottom of the front panel, and it emits a glow that extends along the bottom and into the treat dispenser. The hues vary from one another based on the circumstances. In this review of the Furbo Dog Camera, a blue light indicates that the gadget is now active, whilst a yellow light indicates that the device is currently in sleep mode.

The charging port for the micro-USB cable may be found at the very bottom of the rear of the Furbo. At the very base of the apparatus is located a clip that can be removed. When you open it up, you will find a container that is meant to be stuffed with treats for your dog. Because the clasp can be removed, the candies can be extracted from the container.

In addition, the bottom of the Furbo features three sticky strips made by 3M, which ensure that it will adhere firmly to any smooth surface. These adhesives, in conjunction with the fact that the apparatus can stand on its own, prevent dogs from accidentally toppling it over. The fact that it is heavier and wider at the base also contributes to the object’s overall stability. There is also a tripod mount on the bottom of the camera, but I didn’t put that to the test while I was evaluating it as a pet camera.

Technical Features

The 720p camera and infrared LED night vision goggles found on this pet camera for dogs and cats are included with this dog treats pet camera. It has a wide-angle field of vision of up to 120 degrees and a digital zoom of up to four times. You will be able to chat to and listen to your dog thanks to the microphone and speaker that are included in this device. A microphone is also utilized by Furbo in order to generate audio alarms. When your dog makes a noise, the app for your mobile device will alert you. The capacity of the treat dispenser is thirty goodies, each measuring one centimeter in diameter. Your dog will not become anxious if he is notified by LED lights and sounds when he is about to receive a treat. The voice that you hear coming from the device is in fact identical to that of a trained professional.

Smart Privacy Mode is exclusive to Furbo. When it recognizes that your mobile device has reconnected to the same Wi-Fi connection, it will turn off by itself automatically. When you are at home, this modification will silence any unsolicited notifications.

Performance Review

This assessment of the Furbo dog camera found that the 720p resolution did not quite live up to the standards set by other pet cams. However, the gloomy view more than made up for it. There is a very tiny lag in the sound quality compared to that of other home cameras, but it is still quite good. Because the microphone picks up other sounds, you need to exercise caution while positioning the Furbo near noisy objects like the radio, the television, or the cooking utensils. You have the ability to alter the sensitivity of the ring notifications on the smartphone so that it will not alert you of any sound that you hear.

In order to complete this assessment of pet cameras, we put a number of different kinds of dog foods and treats through their paces. As long as it keeps within the limitations of the stated size and capacity, there won’t be any issues with becoming trapped. However, when the snacks were made smaller than what was intended, numerous treats came out at once.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Furbo is an excellent purchase that you can make for your dog. Its cutting-edge design and one-of-a-kind features set it apart from other pet cams in terms of performance. Additionally, LED lights and noises benefit from extensive research.

Furbo allows you to spoil your dog anytime he wants and also helps you train your dog while you are on the go. But the fact that we get to spend more time with our four-legged family members is by far our favorite part. Both cats and dogs are able to benefit from using it.

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