Fur & Paw Maintenance for Your Cat & Dog [the Best Treatment for Pets 2022]

Conditioning shampoo, tooth spray, scrub and nail polish … Which zoos is a luxury and which is a necessity?

Wouldn’t your pet live without tinted shampoo? Or, say, without a scrub for hard-to-reach places? Is it necessary to rub mink oil into the fur to improve its structure and give it a special shine ?! Maybe not necessary, but there are many cosmetics that really make life easier for our pets.

Delicate Paws

In winter, you have to actively protect the dog’s paws from deicing reagents. And although city officials assure that the chemicals scattered on the streets are not dangerous for animals, dog owners know that ulcers sometimes form on the pads of animals, which cause a lot of suffering to dogs. If you lubricate the animal’s paws with protective wax, which protects the delicate skin of the paws from injury and the penetration of chemicals, then problems after winter walks will not arise.

Smooth Fur

Do you wash your dog with soap or “human” shampoo? But in vain! The dirt, of course, will wash off, but the pet’s skin will most likely be overdried. And you will have to deal with hair loss, dandruff and itching … It is better to buy a pet shampoo that does not irritate the skin of the animal, removes not only impurities, but also cleans the wool from tar, bitumen and other oil products – and this is very important for everyone who walks pets close to motorways.

Zoo shampoos can be conditionally divided into two categories: cosmetic (including cleansing, fortified, hypoallergenic, tint) and antiparasitic. Some tools combine several functions at once. Which shampoo is right for your pet?

– If your cat or dog has shaggy hair that is difficult to comb and fall off, buy a long hair shampoo and a conditioner-balm such as “Anticoltun”. It should be applied immediately after washing – it strengthens the coat and makes it easier to care for it.

– Does the animal’s fur quickly become greasy? There are shampoos on sale for oily hair of cats and dogs. They neutralize oily sheen without overdrying the skin.

– Do you think that your pet’s fur has faded? Get a color-enhancing shampoo. It restores the natural color of the animal’s coat.

– Some dogs and cats hate bathing, dry hair care products are suitable for them. For example, shampoo powder. It will cleanse hairs and remove dirt, leaving a pleasant scent.

There are cleansing sprays that eliminate dirt and bad odor, moisturize the coat and give it a shiny and healthy look. By the way, it is convenient to wash puppies with such sprays. It is enough to apply the product to the coat, rub it all over the pet’s body, and then remove the excess. Such “sanitization” will not frighten the kid at all: he will decide that the owner is simply stroking him.

Shampoos for parasites – fleas and other insects are essential. If your pet, returning from the dacha, constantly itches, wash it with this product, and the itching will disappear. In addition to shampoos, there are other antiparasitic agents: tick drops that are applied to the withers, or special collars that rid cats and dogs of fleas.

The problem of parasites is also relevant for birds. Sprayers for feather parasites, anti-itch and even … baldness remedies are also available for birds.

Do ugly circles form on the light coat around the dog’s eyes? They are removed with the help of a liquid that is sold in veterinary stores, and traces of increased tear production are eliminated with wet wipes and … masked with a special powder.

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