Funny Cat Facts [Strange & Unbelievable Characteristics Part 1]

Are Cats Left-Handed?

It is possible that, unlike humans, most cats are left-handed. There hasn’t been any in-depth research on this, but tests show that one-third of cats prefer to reach for food with their left paw rather than their right.


Are Cats Born Deaf And Blind?

All kittens are born deaf, blind and blue eyes. As they grow, hearing improves. The kitten opens its eyes Approximately on the 7th – 9th day, and vision completely returns to normal within a month and a half. After four months, the color of the kittens’ eyes gradually changes.

Moreover, cats have three centuries! This third eyelid is called the blinking membrane and helps keep the eyes hydrated.


How Good Is Cat’s Hearing Ability?

Cats have perfect pitch: they can detect the sound of your steps hundreds of meters away and will surely leave the Room if the musician or singer plays out of tune.


Do Pet Owners Have A Longer Life?

Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania found that when a person strokes a cat, their heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Scientists have also shown that people with cardiovascular disease, being owners of pets, have a much better chance of a long life than those without a dog or a cat.


Can Cats Save Human Life?

In China, seismologists use cats for their work, which helps save thousands of human lives. For example, in 1975 in Haicheng (China), scientists noticed that the animals behaved somehow strangely, and notified the city authorities of a possible disaster, which allowed the latter to evacuate the population in advance. Exactly one day there was a terrible earthquake, which caused enormous destruction. Can you imagine how many people could have died if the cats had not warned about the danger?


Who Is The Most Fertile Cat In History?

The record for fertility belongs to the Burmese cat Tarawud Antigonus. On August 7, 1970, at the age of four, she gave birth to nineteen kittens at once! Unfortunately, four of the kittens were born dead. Of the remaining fifteen, only one kitten turned out to be a “girl”.


Who Is The Most Expensive Cat In History?

In 1967, an American breeder offered an English woman $ 5,880 for her cat. It is noteworthy that the yellow-eyed Persian white cat Koilum Markus was the international champion. The woman, despite a rather large sum, refused to sell her pet, who had lived with her for more than eleven years.


Which Cat Received The Most Postcards?

The mascot cat from Hikone Castle (Shiga Prefecture, Japan) receives about a thousand postcards for each holiday from his fans. The cat is an officially registered resident of the castle, and greeting cards are sent to him directly to the “serf” address. The famous fluffy samurai is thanked for his meekness, faithful service to his cause, and unbending spirit.

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Hikone Castle, the cat responded to all his fans and sent out postcards with his own image in return. Each postcard will be accompanied by an individual letter. In particular, in it the cat will answer the question of its compatriots: are the representatives of the authorities really going to evict him from the castle?


Who Is The Oldest Cat Mum?

On June 12, 1952, a cat named Dusty at the age of seventeen gave birth to the 420th kitten. Typically, a cat can have children up to the age of eleven (equivalent to sixty years of human life).

However, with age, cats give birth to fewer kittens. As for cats, they can become fathers before the age of sixteen, which corresponds to our seventy years!


Which Cat Had The Largest Birthday Party?

Of course, one of the most famous cats of the twentieth century was Tommy Clarke, a ginger cat who lived in the 30s in Seneca Falls, New York.

More than 700 cats gathered for Tommy’s twenty-third birthday. The following year, over 1,500 guests (both humans and cats) were invited to the party. They also did not forget to invite President Franklin Roosevela, who, alas, sent his apologies because he could not come to the holiday.


How To Protect The Eyes Of Maine Coons?

As a rule, Maine Coons have no problems with watery eyes. But in a cosmetic bag, it is still better to keep drops for the eyes of preventive action. When drying after a bath, hairs flying away under the blowing air from the hairdryer can get into the eyes.

In order not to irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes, you can drip one drop of a special agent into each eye.


Which Cat Breed Is The Least Popular Breed For Postcards?

… one of the rarest guests on the postcard is the Siamese cat. Much more often on them, you can find cats with long-haired or ordinary murk, and only on some postcards, you can see the features of cats of the Siamese color. This is due to the ambivalence of people towards this breed.

A difficult fate was in store for Siamese cats from the very first London exhibition when they were either praised or hated and did not understand what this “extremely ugly cat” was doing at the exhibition. But the one who once fell in love with the blue eyes of graceful cats with a mask on their faces will never prefer others to them.


How Fast Can A Cat Run?

The following speed record was once obtained: over a segment of sixty yards (about 55 m), a cat ran at a speed of twenty-seven miles (43 km) per hour.

The fastest representative of the feline family is the cheetah, which runs a distance of one hundred meters at a speed of 112 km per hour.


Who Is The Oldest Cat In History?

A cat may have nine lives if the advertisements are to be believed, but we only count one. The oldest cat listed in the book of records was named Puss. It is said that after the cat celebrated its thirty-sixth birthday on November 28, 1939, on November 29, Puss quietly passed away.

Another long-lived cat was Ma, who was euthanized in 1957 at the age of thirty-four. By this time, Ma was already a great-great-great-great-grandmother many times.

In the United States, a Los Angeles cat has lived to be thirty-three years and four months old. And the Irish cat Bobby has reached the age of thirty-two years and three weeks.


Who Is The Most Travelled Cat?

A black and white cat named Tom hid aboard a British Airways plane and flew over half a million miles in two months.

Before the owner found him at Heathrow Airport, Tom traveled to such distant countries as Australia, Canada, Jamaica and Kuwait.


Do Cats Swim In Sea To Fish?

Sailors from the ships docked in the port of St. Mary on the Scylli Islands often saw a black and white Persian cat who loved to swim between the ships in the harbor: every evening he went to sea to fish. Indeed, there are several breeds of cats that love water: these are breeds such as the chestnut-white Turkish van, as well as fishing cats from Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. The latter even have membranes on their paws, which is a good help in fishing.


What Is The Most Popular Cat Animation?

Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo – an outstanding animator, one of the founders of the famous studio Ghibli, an Oscar winner. Cat lovers know the artist as the creator of Kotobus (from Japanese Nekobasu) – one of the most colorful and memorable feline characters in the history of animation.

The Catbus is the hero of the feature-length cartoon My Neighbor – Totoro (1988), which was called by the critics a masterpiece of world animation. The cartoon tells about the friendship of two girls-sisters with Totoro – the guardian spirits of the forest. The Catbus serves as a magical means of transportation for Totoro and their friends. He looks like a huge cat half-bus. He has a trunk-salon with soft seats inside, glowing eyes-headlights, a mouth with a wide smile of the Cheshire Cat, twelve legs and a fluffy tail. The catbus can only be seen by those for whom it wants to be visible. He moves with great speed on any off-road, and when he runs through the forest, the trees give way to him. But uninitiated people feel only a sharp gust of wind when the Catbus sweeps by. It is on this magical transport that the sisters go to visit their mother, who is in the hospital.


How Was Siamese Cat Introduced To America?

The first Siamese cat was brought to America – a gift to the wife of the 19th President of the United States R Hayes. to Mrs. Lucy Webb Hayes from the American Consul in Bangkok. In a letter attached to the gift, the ambassador said that the cat is one of the most outstanding representatives of its breed and that is why he took the liberty of presenting it to the First Lady. The cat was named Siam. By nature, he was calm and good-natured. quickly got used to life in the White House and got along well not only with the president’s family and staff but also with other animals that Hayes kept – two dogs and a goat.

It is believed that Siam became the first representative of the Siamese breed to visit the United States. Unfortunately, the cat’s life was short-lived: in the fall of the same year, Siam fell ill and died.


Who Wrote The Most Popular Science Fictions About Cats?

Science fiction writer Alice Maria Norton, better known under the pseudonym Andre Norton, was born. The writer is called the great lady of science fiction, she is a laureate of two dozen of the most prestigious awards and prizes. The American Science Fiction Association – the founder of the Nebula Prize, honored Norton with the highest honor in English-language fiction – the title of Grand Master (Grand Master Nebula). The writer was very fond of cats, and they often became the heroes of her works (All cats are gray, Sign of the cat, Cat’s gate, Cat’s gaze, as well as books from the series about star cats). In addition, she has edited several collections of Cat Fiction.

Several cats (from 7 to 9) have always lived in her house. The longest (22 years old) she had a cat named Gray. In 2004. when the writer’s health began to deteriorate, she gave some of her favorites to friends, but did not part with the oldest cat at that time, named RT. About cats, Ms. Norton said: Perhaps because cats do not live according to human patterns, do not adapt to prescribed behavior, they are close in spirit to creative people. The cat always remains outside the framework that we are trying to establish for it in our blind madness.


Who Discovered Cat’s Eye Nebula?

Astronomer William Herschel discovered the Cat’s Eye Nebula. It got its name for its external resemblance to the eye of a cat. In modern astronomical reference books, this planetary nebula in the constellation Draco appears as NGC 6543.

High-quality images taken with the Hubble Orbiting Telescope have shown that the Cat’s Eye is one of the most complex nebulae in structure. In the structure of the nebula, there are many plexuses, ejections and bright arched elements.


How Long Can The Tail Of A Cat Be?

The cat with the longest tail is the Londoner Pinky. Its huge tail reached a length of thirty-five centimeters, and, probably, a whole hurricane rose when it began to wag it.


Is There A Breed Of Cat That Loves The Cold?

While almost all cats prefer to bask by the fireplace, there is one breed that loves the cold. The Norwegian Forest Cat is perfectly adapted to the harsh Scandinavian winters. She feels great both at home and in the wild.


What Is The Anderson House Cat Hotel Famous For?

The Anderson House Hotel in the small American town of Wabasha (Minnesota) has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The hotel was opened in 1856 by B.F. Hard and bore his name. In 1909, it was bought and renamed by the Anderson family. The hotel is famous for its cats.

Any guest could take one of the five hotel cats into the room, which with its presence brightened up loneliness and entertained the guest. Together with the cat, everything needed was supplied to the room: a cat’s tray, food, water, toys. In 1990, a children’s book “Blampo Grampo Meets Arnold the Cat” was written about the Anderson House cat. Unfortunately, on March 19, 2009, due to the economic crisis, the hotel was closed.


Is There A Car Company Named With A Cat Name?

The history of the English car company Jaguar began – the only car with a cat name. The company specializes in the production of luxury cars. Initially, William Lyons and William Walmsley produced motorcycle sidecars. The company was called Swallow Sidecar (SS).

After the end of the war, the company changed its name to Jaguar Car Limited, as the SS abbreviation was associated with the Nazis after the war.


Do Indoor Cats Or Outdoor Cats Live Longer?

Cats who spend their entire lives at home live almost twice as long as those who are allowed to go out for a walk. Heavy traffic, disease, and natural enemies can dramatically shorten the lifespan of avid revelers.


How To Stop The Cat From Rubbing The Furniture?

Most cats don’t like orange and lemon peels. You can take advantage of this if your cat likes to sharpen his claws on furniture: rubbing the furniture with an orange peel will quickly wean your pet from this bad habit.


Why Do Cats like To Rub Shampoo Bottles?

You’ve probably noticed that cats like to rub against the shampoo bottles and hand cream tubes from your makeup bag. This is because some rolls contain an ingredient called methylparaben, which, when heated, closely resembles the smell of a cat.


Why Cat Hair Always Sticks To Your Clothes?

Cat hair sticks to your clothes more easily than any other animal’s hair. There are many reasons for this: First, cat hair is one of the most electrostatic materials. Secondly, cats have three layers of hairs: the first layer of hairs with microscopic tips that adhere to clothing; second layer of sticky hair; and, finally, the third layer of wool, which, being very thin, easily penetrates into the coarse fiber from which human clothing is made. And what is the result? All clothes are in Wool.

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