Fish Tank Ideas To Brighten Your Home – Aesthetic & Affordable

Are you not able to own a furry animal? Do you require something that needs less time and maintenance? Having fish are a great way to lighten your home and create a beautiful piece of art ( way less expensive than paintings too!) 

Fresh Water Tank Design

Fresh Water tanks require less work and more flexibility for location on where to put them. This is because they don’t need any extra chemicals or special equipment to keep the fish healthy. What you will need is;

  • Aquarium 
  • Tank
  • Freshwater Plants (for oxygen) 
  • Heater
  • Lighting 
  • Rock/Substrate
  • Food
  • Air Pump
  • Thermometer

Salt Water Tank Design

Saltwater tanks take a little more work. Fish that need salt water can seem cooler to look at and more aesthetic for your home, but they also need a lot more work and maintenance. Do you already own the necessary components for a saltwater tank? 

  • Aquarium
  • Tank
  • Refractometer
  • Stand
  • Special Lighting
  • Cover
  • Thermometer
  • Heater
  • Protein Skimmer
  • Special Aquarium Salt 
  • Water Conditioner 
  • Live Rock/Substrate

These aquariums in particular can rack up more time and money, however, it is a passion for some to create beautiful pieces in their home and don’t mind the extra time and cost. It does have beautiful benefits if you’re willing to put in the work.

Different Ideas For Shapes & Sizes 

Tanks can range from big to small and come in all different shapes. What do your fish need to live comfortably? A siamese fighting fish for example will only need a small tank due to the fact that it needs to live in solitary or else it can attack other fish. They also need to live far away from other tanks in order to stay calm. 

Backstory – My parents owned two fighting fish and put them side by side in different tanks. They went to bed that night and woke up to not one, but both fish on the floor due to the fact that they tried to jump out and fight each other! Lesson learned.

Best Place For Setting Up At Home 

Your home setup is important. You want to make sure that like addressed earlier, your fish have adequate sunlight and temperature to survive. This means that placement is key, also considering the fact that aesthetics also come into play. Before buying any fish, simply place your tank around the house for 24 hours to see how the natural light affects it, and how it will look in regards to your living space. Also make sure it is secure and won’t fall.

The Cost of Tanks 2022

The tank itself will range from 50-100USD depending on if you buy it new. There are a lot of places online to check for secondhand items depending on where you live too. Facebook marketplace is a popular one. The Fish are also going to be around 20-70USD but can range due to rarity, and amount you buy. The light and stand combined can cost roughly 85USD. The food, 5-10USD. Overall this project isn’t the most affordable if you want it done well. Be prepared to have 400-500USD to spend on the entire thing.

What Is Needed Inside The Tanks

Going forward, it is advised that you pick up some plants and items to go inside the tank with your fish so that they have places to hide and enough oxygen. It is also smart to look into the correct feeding needs of the fish so that they are getting enough nutrients. 

Information Before Buying Fish

Make sure there are no chemicals in the water that could kill your fish before adding them to your tank. In order to help them adapt, it is smart to remove them from their bag into a bowl of water from the fish tank. This allows them time to get associated with the different environment without putting them into shock. This can be for many reasons like the temperature, different water source, and other fish. 

Make sure to research the fish breeds and their temperaments before mixing them together in one tank. Some fish are more aggressive and need to be kept separate from other kinds. As spoken about before, some fish require salt water and some fresh. Do not put salt water fish into fresh water because they won’t be able to survive. 

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