Feline Communication You Should Know: What Cats Want To Know? (Part 2) 2022

Seeing Other Cat In Our Garden

I am in debt all the time. When I see someone else’s cat in our garden, I have an irresistible urge to empty my bladder, which I do right on the wall closest to me. Can you explain why I am doing this?

Cats sprinkling walls is a sign of anxiety and despair. The domestic cat is especially desperate when it finds itself imprisoned within four walls while some stranger enters the territory that she considers her own.

Snapping Teeth

I snap my teeth when I see a bird in the garden. Is this the same reaction as when seeing another cat?

Nearly. Clicking or clicking your teeth is a sign of despair, although the origins vary.

Fighting With Neighbor’s Cat

A neighbor’s cat regularly comes to our garden and fights with me. What should I do?

Retreat. Maybe he is younger, stronger, more experienced and more resilient, or he has not yet been sterilized.

Turned Into A Tiger

Seriously frightened, I, to my greatest amazement, turn into a vicious tiger. Would it be better if I, frightened, flee?

No, act like a tiger and everyone will mistake you for a tiger.

Loving Dogs But Not Others

Why do I love some dogs, and all others I am scared to madness?

Cats are less afraid of some familiar dogs than those they see for the first time. There is one important circumstance: the period of social adaptation of a kitten is short and ends at the age of seven to eight weeks of age.

Relieving In The Garden Instead Of Own Toilet Ditch

Even though I have an individual toilet ditch in my house, I still prefer to relieve myself in my garden. And I immediately bury my piles, but the hostess still does not understand this and keeps me locked up. How can I convince her to let me out again?

Earth is a natural material used by cats to litter. Usually, a cat chooses a latrine for itself, pulls out a small hole with its paws, sits down so that the feces get there, and then gently bury them. She always returns to the same latrine and only there leaves another pile. When a cat has a choice between a granular litter box and a native outdoor litter box, she will prefer the latter.

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