Feeding Turtles At Home 2021: What Accessories Are Needed For Aquatic Turtles?

It is necessary to choose the essential accessories for your aquatic turtles.

The Substrate For A Water Turtle

The turtle stones are made up of small, smooth river pebbles that have been rounded by time in mountain streams. These smooth-contoured pebbles prevent turtles that live in the depths or forage for food from hurting themselves. Variations in colors and patterns produce a natural-looking river bed.

Tips Before Use:

Easily clean and reuse turtle stones pebbles by soaking them with a disinfectant in a large bucket of water for 15 minutes, then rinsing them until the water runs clear.

Turtle Island 

  • floating island for aquatic turtles
  • Ideal for UV and infrared exposure
  • Auto-level function adapts to all water levels
  • Can be used for newts and frogs
  • 4 suction cups securely fix the island to the aquarium

Submersible Multipurpose Pump

  • for amphibians and aquatic turtles

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