Elevator Bridle for Your Horse [improve Your Riding Style]

As horseback riders, we are always looking for ways to improve our horse’s way of going. The horse saddle is most commonly brought into question but can a bridle improve the performance of your horse. In general, bridles are very similar but there are a few exceptions and one of these is the Elevator bridle.

Comfortable tack (or more to the point, uncomfortable tack) can cause a reduction in performance. It would be the same effect for an athlete wearing ill-fitting trainers, our horses will struggle if their saddle or bridle is causing pain or restricting them. The Elevator bridle is specially designed to challenge the concept of most other bridles on the market, but could this improve your horse when ridden?

How might the bridle restrict your horse when ridden. Frequently the headpiece of the bridle is pulled forward onto the horse’s ears. This is probably not very comfortable for your horse, but can also result in rubbing or pinching from the slip head of the noseband underneath. This could also cause the bit of your horse’s bridle to sit slightly awkwardly in the mouth.

The ability to flex at the poll is an important factor in encouraging your horse to work correctly and perform to his best, any discomfort in this area is bound to affect this. It is also common for parts of the bridle, such as the noseband or the browband to pinch or rub the face of your horse, this could cause some tension, and if the horse is not fully relaxed through his head and his jaw then this again could affect the way that he works and responds to his rider.

The specially designed Elevator bridle should eliminate these factors and make the horse as comfortable as possible which will allow him to fully relax his head and jaw and concentrate on his work. It is a simple concept that seems to work. An Elevator bridle has specifically designed padded headpieces and nosebands crafted from soft English leather and it has a unique headpiece with crew holes that pass the noseband slip head over the top of the headpiece which eliminates the risk of pinching or rubbing here.

The unique design also helps to prevent the headpiece from being pulled forward onto the ears, encouraging flexibility and freedom at the poll. Elevator producers claim that their design is proven to improve the performance of the horses that wear their bridles.

Many other factors influence the horse and his way of going, and the design and fitting of the bridle are only one of many.  This being said, if you are dedicated to ensuring that your horse is happy and comfortable in his work at all times, then it is something to consider when assessing the equipment that you use to ride your horse.

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