Elegant & Beautiful Dog Breeds 2022 [long Silky Hair]

Gordon Setter Dog

The fourth Duke of Gordon (1743-1827) was keenly interested in the development and improvement of Setters. The basic stock on which he worked was probably a small, black setting dog then familiar in Westmorland and Wales. It is thought that he may have utilized a bloodhound cross, whilst there has been a suggestion that collie blood was introduced. Gordon Setters are good, reliable workers with good noses and they are growing increasingly popular at the present time.

  • Height 26 in (63.5 cm)
  • Weight about 65 lb (29.5 kg)
  • Coat type/color Coat straight or slightly waved but not curly, with longer hair on the ears, chest, and belly, the legs feathered and the stern flagged. Colour a deep shining coal-black, with ripe chestnut tan markings.

Dachshund (Long-Haired) Dog

This long-coated variety of the Dachshund is not yet quite as well known as the Smooth Dachshund, but it would appear to make up for this in the beauty of its coat. Its origin is not known precisely, although it is probably true that a small Setter or Spaniel was bred with the Smooth dachshund at one time to impart the silky texture to the hair.

The Long-haired Dachshund has been mentioned in German records for over 100 years and exhibited since 1898. It is a good sporting dog and full of character, and since its arrival in England, it has become a general favorite with its own specialist Club.

  • Coat rich and silky, of medium length on the back, but longer on the ears, under the neck, and under the entire lower part of the body, with featherings on the legs and long flag to the tail. (See Dachshund.)

Retriever (Flat Coated) Dog

Retrievers came into existence in the early 19th century when our ancestors found that they required a dog whose sole purpose was to pick up the game they shot. Various crosses were tried and one that found favor was first called the Wavy-coated Retriever. Probably their ancestors were Setters and Spaniels with a later cross of one of the Newfoundland dogs but of which type history does not relate.

This breed has undergone something of a revival, however, and achieved the Best in Show award at Crufts in 1980. As could be expected, these are hardy dogs and very responsive to training. They can make good house pets, but require a good period of exercise every day, which is easier to provide in rural surroundings. Their distinctive coat is relatively easy to keep in top condition through brushing. In terms of coloration, the Flat-coated Retriever is either a glossy black or liver, with no white markings being permitted.

  • Height 22-23 in (56-58.5 cm)
  • Weight about 60-70 lb (27.2-31.8 kg)
  • Coat type/colour Coat dense and of fine quality and as flat as possible. Colour black or liver. An active medium-sized dog of good physique and great intelligence and docility.

Irish Red and White Setter Dog

The stunning appearance of these gundogs ensured their popularity and has led to them often being described as Red Setters. It is not always appreciated, however, that Irish Setters do need a considerable amount of exercise and if frustrated in this regard, they are likely to run off on their own.

The breed evolved from a combination of various other setters, such as the English and Gordon, with certain spaniel breeds. These included the Irish Water and Springer Spaniels. Early in its development, white coloration was prominent in its coat, but this form then went into decline until very recently, when it was revived as the Irish Red and White Setter. They are now considered as two separate breeds while sharing common ancestry.

Irish Setters are very affectionate dogs but may prove more difficult to train than some gundogs. They have very sensitive natures, however, and respond to sympathetic handling. Their coats are reasonably easy to keep in top condition by regular brushing. Mud can be combed out of their ‘feathering’ (fringes of longer hair on the legs and body, as well as on the ears and tail) with ease once it is dry.

The breed has a good reputation as a worker when well trained. After a rather bad patch, the breed has now regained its popularity. Elegant and gentle, it is generally like its English cousin in appearance, though differing slightly in head formation and temperament. These dogs are racier than those of other Setter breeds. The head is long and lean, the neck long and graceful, the body deep and muscular.

  • Height 21-24 in (53.5-61 cm)
  • Weight 40-55 lb (18.2-25 kg)
  • Coat type/color The coat flat and silky with feathering on upper ear, back of legs, underparts, tail and between toes. The colour is always rich chestnut

Australian Silky Terrier Dog

This breed originated in Australia, in tandem with its close relative, the Australian Terrier. Both breeds are descended from imported British terriers and bear an obvious similarity in appearance to the Yorkshire Terrier. In the United States, to avoid possible confusion over the names of these two terriers, they are now described as the Silky and Australian Terriers, respectively.

It is likely that the Australian Silky Terrier is the combined result of three separate British breeds which were involved in its development. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier probably contributed towards the breed’s relatively long body, as well as its silky coat. Skye Terriers may also have emphasized this characteristic, while its blue coloration probably came from the Yorkshire Terrier.

The coat of the Australian Silky Terrier, which is straight and silky to the touch, is usually parted over the head and down the center of the back. It is not as long as that of the Yorkshire Terrier, although there is a top-knot on the top of the head. Today, the ears are held erect, although, formerly, drop ears were also permissible, suggesting a close relationship with the Skye Terrier.

In terms of care, the Australian Silky Terrier is probably less demanding than its appearance may suggest, daily brushing being adequate to keep its coat in top condition. It is a lively breed but will adapt well to apartment living if it can have a good walk each day.

  • Height 9 in (23 cm)
  • Weight 8-10 lb (3.6-4.5 kg)
  • Coat type/colour silky; bluish and tan

These details will help you to choose the most elegant and beautiful dog breeds with long silky hair.

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