Domestic Cat Alternatives to Going Outside [freedom & Safety 2022]

Should You Let A Domestic Cat Walk Outside?

Many cat owners find it normal for their pets to walk outside. They usually motivate this by the fact that the cat needs fresh air, that it is a freedom-loving and semi-wild animal that cannot live in an apartment. But it seems to me that the reason is convenience because the animal does its business on the street and sharpens its claws there (although this does not mean at all that it will not do this at home, because cats mark the territory in this way). Often such pets are not neutered, which means that sooner or later the cat will bring kittens, and the cat will make someone else’s or street purr happy. I know many people who often lose their pets with such maintenance, or drown kittens brought by a cat, although there is a more humane way out – castration. In general, most domestic cats do not need a street, they live well in an apartment. There are some cat breeds such as the Norwegian Forest, Ocicat, Oriental, which can be taught to walk on a harness, but not let them go alone. Most people think that all the dangers on the street are fleas and worms, but this is far from the case.

Also, many take out pets to the country in the summer. Of course, on the one hand, animals are with you, in the fresh air, but for a domestic cat, such a trip is unnecessary stress. She can get lost, and in general all the dangers await her as a cat that walks on the street all the time, and perhaps even more, since she is not used to street walks. Perhaps you shouldn’t let the cat go alone in the country.

Aviary For Cats

It is quite another matter if you have your own house, and there is a specially equipped aviary – there is freedom for cats. If there are no such conditions, then be prepared for the following:

  • the cat can get run over by the car;
  • can get serious injuries in a street fight, especially if it is a cat: after all, the whole territory is already divided by street cats, and yours will have to
  • fight with them if he is in someone else’s area;
  • the risk of a cat being bitten by dogs;
  • people on the street can offend and mock the animal;
  • a cat can pick up a bunch of all kinds of infections on the street, from fleas and depriving them of serious viral infections.

Regarding the latter, in any case, the animal must be vaccinated, treated with anti-flea and worm agents. But you should know that an animal can get sick, even if it is vaccinated, and infect you with some diseases common to humans and cats, such as rabies, borreliosis, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, plague, microsporia, scab, pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis , chlamydia and others. If you are not very concerned about the health of the animal, think at least about yourself and your children, because many of these diseases are very unpleasant and require long-term treatment.

So think a few times before deciding to let your animal go free-range.

Doors, Windows And Cat Parachutists

Sad topic. Most often, the owner himself is to blame for the death of his pet. Because of our negligence and shortsightedness, we lose our favorites. There is a saying: forewarned is forearmed!

The height of indifference is to watch your cat balancing on the edge of the ninth floor railing while sipping seagulls. Of course, the cat has good balance, but it can still fall. And the worst thing is that, contrary to popular belief, it does not always fall on all four legs, especially if it falls from low floors. And yet, according to statistics, the fifth floor is considered the most dangerous, the cat does not have time to roll over and, at the same time, is already too high to do without serious injuries. Do not rely on chance when the cat is walking on the balcony – sooner or later it will fall over. Even if you think that she is very dexterous and will not break, then she can simply jump after a singing cat or a bird. Whatever floor you live on, your balconies must be specially equipped. There are several ways to avoid tragedy:

  1. In general, do not let the cat out on the balcony or only under your supervision, without leaving one. But you must be sure that all family members do the same, and do not accidentally leave the cat on the balcony.
  2. Glazing the balcony, which, of course, is not cheap, but warmer in winter. But remember, the loggia window must be with a mesh, otherwise the meaning of the glazing is lost.
  3. Cover the balcony with mesh. There are such thin, metal ones, sold in the construction market and cost a penny. You just need to fix it well on all sides with a wire or rope so that there are no holes anywhere.
  4. Make a second door to the balcony with a mesh, then the cat will not be able to go out to the balcony, but it will still be able to enjoy the fresh air. True, it will be necessary to follow, as in the first case, so that this second door is closed.

So it all depends on your efforts and imagination.

Opening The Vents

Another danger lies in the tilt opening of the vents (when the window is tilted from above). Now stories about how, in the absence of owners, a cat jumps and gets stuck in such a gap can be heard more and more often. In most cases, this can lead to the death of the animal. And this is awful. But there is a way out: firstly, if the design allows, you can open the window in the usual way and put special restraints for ventilation, i.e. do not fold it back; secondly, there are special grids for this triangular opening; thirdly, open the window completely, but be sure to put a mesh, preferably metal.

In general, the grids should be on all the vents and windows that you open. It is important that they are firmly attached. If you do not plan to open any window or window, they must be clogged, or you need to unscrew the handles from them: suddenly one of your guests or children will open them. But the cat only needs one second to fall out of the window. The vents are even more dangerous than windows, because, having jumped on it, the cat cannot always move back and jump into the room, and she will have to jump forward.

Cats are curious animals, they are interested in everything, so they often run out into the entrance. In no case do not allow this and immediately stop it. First, you may not notice how the cat ran out of the apartment. And the “good” neighbors who see the fugitive can drive her out into the street. Then there is a lot of infection in the entrance, and besides this, the cat can run away from fear or climb somewhere. A good way out when there is (or is) the opportunity to make a dressing room, or you have two doors with a gap between them (just do not accidentally lock the cat there!). If the kitty strives to run out all the time, then, as soon as you open the door, spray it with water or hiss. Show her that you don’t like it and that you shouldn’t. In addition, it is advisable to treat shoes with a special disinfectant spray when you come home to avoid bringing infections into the house from the street,

Guests And Cats

We are often visited by different people and for different reasons. Not all cats love strangers, and our guests are not always delighted with our cats. Therefore, if you have a lot of guests, take care of the animal in advance. If you have a show tent, it may be better to place the cat there or lock it in another room. If the cat is with the guests, make sure that they do not give her anything from the table. Chocolate is especially dangerous for cats, despite the fact that some of our pets love it very much: it contains theobromine, which is toxic to purring. Also, you can not give any smoked meats, fried, fatty – all this can cause an acute liver attack.

If one person comes to you, behave according to the situation. If the cat is inclined towards him, let them chat. If a person does not like animals, it is better to isolate the cat. But even if, on the contrary, he loves pussies, make sure that he does not annoy the cat too much and that she does not show aggression or tag him in response. If you know that your cat or cat might mark or chew on other people’s shoes, take care of a special locker. In general, act in a way that is comfortable for both your pets and your guests.

Also, make sure that guests do not let the cat “walk” outside the apartment.

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