Dog Shows for Beginners? [how to Join: Facts & Information]

Dog shows are a validation of your breeding program because you are getting someone else’s expert opinion.

The objective of a breeding program is to attain the most perfect representative of a breed, including temperament.

While all dogs are marvelous creatures, purebred dogs have been created and bred for specific traits, skills, and physical characteristics in order to perform a unique job, such as retrieving waterfowl or herding sheep.

This is known as breeding for function and “type,” type being the temperament and physical form required to perform that breed’s job. Each breed’s job and “ideal” type are defined by a written “standard,” also registered with the AKC by a parent breed club, like the Dalmatian Club of America, or the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America. At a show, dogs that most nearly conform to their breed’s standard are judged to be the best.

We are trying to make a healthy dog that will be a good companion for years and years.

Not every dog is a show dog but every dog is a pet.

If you are interested in getting or showing a purebred dog, a dog show is one of the best places to begin gathering information.

Preparing for and participating in a show is an exciting way to build a close, strong relationship with your dog.

There is the financial aspect of showing dogs, with expenditures for items such as supplies, equipment, and entry fees. Diesel gasoline is the biggest expense. We have special vehicles that will hold crates. Then there’s the cost of staying in a motel. And the dog food is more expensive than what is usually fed to the non-showing pet.

Providing good nutrition, clean housing, quality veterinarian care and regular grooming for his show dogs occupies much of our time.

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