Do You Need a Fenced Yard for a Dog? [what Breeds Require One]

Dolly was my fantastic show-quality Pomeranian who passed away a few years ago before I had the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a greyhound. She never went beyond the bounds of the property because she cherished the front yard. The dogs that belonged to the neighbor were, sadly, not very well trained. Our cat Dolly was seized, shaken, and put to death by a dog belonging to a neighbor in a matter of minutes on one of the worst days of our lives. Even though I still miss Dolly, I have many lovely memories of our time together. It was a really challenging lesson, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I will never own a dog if I do not have a yard that is fenced in. My goal is to provide a safe haven for my animals within my yard. Even though my parents believe I may have gone a bit too far by putting up a chain-link fence that is six feet tall, at least my cherished pets are protected by it.

Our pets are protected from other animals and humans who may walk into the yard thanks to the fenced-in yard. The latest electronic and radio fences promote that they provide our dogs freedom while still confining them, but in reality, they do little to keep our dogs from infringing on the territory of other dogs or people. The collar that prevents our dogs from leaving their own yard does little to deter trespassers using this method since trespassers do not wear collars like the one our dogs use.

These collars have the potential to irritate our companions’ skin and make them uncomfortable. One of these electrical collars was responsible for giving a Malamute cross I was walking with a terrible rash around his neck, particularly in the delicate front region of his neck. Imagine what would have happened to the necks of our much-loved greyhounds, which have sensitive skin, if they had worn a collar like that. Also, keep in mind that our dogs can go past the safety perimeter so quickly that they wouldn’t have much time to get a warning or a reminder to stay in the area that has been designated for them.

Our domesticated dogs are territorial by nature because they are descended from wolves. They require boundaries not only for their own safety but also for their own protection. Dogs are driven by instincts of territoriality, which make them wish to defend what they believe to be their territory. Because of this, there is a chance that both our dogs and they will sustain some kind of injury.

Because they are sighthounds, our dogs are able to see a lot of things. They have a well-honed and highly developed sense for the pursuit of prey, which allows them to be excellent racers. You need to think about what will happen if the object that your dog chases is another animal, such as a little dog, a cat, or a rabbit that belongs to a neighbor. While most dogs would likely be able to keep up with and catch these little animals, a greyhound’s speed allows it to successfully capture its target or prey. This might be a highly upsetting experience for both you and your neighbor, not to mention the other animal, whether it be a dog, cat, or rabbit. A piece of paper that is blowing in the wind may arouse the greyhound’s desire to chase, and once it is running, the greyhound may decide to run even further. When traveling at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, the greyhound is almost immediately out of your voice range.

Our four-legged friends won’t be able to run out in front of a speeding automobile thanks to the fencing. When giving chase, a greyhound does not pay attention to his feet or the places around him; rather, he watches the “prey.” Dogs that have been trained to run on tracks are typically instructed to keep their eyes on the bait as they go. This helps kids maintain concentration, but it does not educate them to pay attention to things like passing cars or other unrelated happenings. Our pets have a reduced risk of being tragically run over or suffering significant injuries if they have a fenced-in yard or exercise area to run around in.

Remember that greyhounds are sighthounds, meaning they hunt by sight rather than scent. No matter how much we trust our dogs to come back when they are called, we must always keep in mind that greyhounds are sighthounds. It doesn’t take him more than a couple of hops to get up to full speed, and he has excellent vision over a considerable distance. I beg of you not to let yourself be lulled into a sense of false security. I’ve heard of more than one dog whose untimely passing caused a great deal of heartache for the owner’s family. Your neighbor is confined to your property by the fence. By doing this, it prevents your greyhound from chasing after a moving object and being lost as a result of its behavior.

Take some time to walk the boundaries of your property with your friend, whether you did so when you initially brought your companion home or when you fenced in your yard. Before he runs into the barrier, he should be able to view it and become familiar with it. When it comes to running and playing in the yard, our dogs are really intelligent; therefore, all we will need to do is show them the boundaries to keep them in mind. When you go to visit friends or go to other fenced locations where your dog will have the opportunity to run freely, this is fantastic practice to have. Walk around the perimeter to show the dog the fence and, while you’re doing it, inspect it to make sure there are no openings through which the dog could escape. A little bit of precaution can save a lot of trouble in the long run.

As my interest in dogs has grown, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a number of folks that breed, exhibit, and even judge at dog shows. One thing that they all have in common is that any placements that they make must have a fenced yard as a prerequisite for doing so. It would appear that we have all grown as a result of terrible events, and we all share the desire to save ourselves and any dogs with whom we have had close relationships from experiencing a similar fate. Kindly give your buddy with a yard that is enclosed by fencing as well as an opportunity for exercise. Even if only one tragedy is spared as a result of the barrier, it will have been worth the time, effort, and money spent on it.

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