Do Ferrets Have Good Hearing, Eyesight, Smell & Other Senses?

The sense of touch: 

This is very well developed in ferrets. With the help of its whiskers on the upper lip and above the eyes, it can, for example, perfectly inquire about every rabbit hole when it is used for freezing.

The olfactory ability: 

The olfactory ability of ferrets is also excellent. Ferrets have the ability to find their food everywhere, no matter how well you hide it.

Hearing ability: 

The ferret’s hearing ability is extremely good. It is even able to recognize “its” people by their crotch. The ears always have many niches formed from skin folds, about the meaning of which not much is known, but it suggests good hearing.

The eyesight: 

The eyesight plays only a subordinate role for a ferret. Missing cones in the ferret’s retina suggest that they cannot see any color, possibly some grays and reds. However, there is no evidence for or against color vision.

The sense of taste: 

The sense of taste, very little is known about it so far. However, every ferret develops its own personal preference for certain food.

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