Communicating With Cats: I Think My Cat Is Trying To Tell Me Something Important (Part 6) 2022

Using Shampoo To Clean Cats’ Hair?

People wash their hair with shampoo when their hair gets dirty. Dogs do the same with their fur. Do I need to shampoo and, if so, should I also use conditioner?

A cat’s coat is capable of self-cleaning, so as long as the cat regularly looks after itself or is helped by the owners (if she cannot do this herself, for example, when she is sick), she hardly needs shampoos. But there are circumstances when shampooing is indispensable: when tar gets on the coat, or when the skin is excessively dry and irritable and has a lot of dandruff.

Getting Rid Of Fleas

Recently I have been overcome by fleas. They do not bother me, but my owners are annoyed, as fleas bite them. How can I get rid of these little bloodsuckers?

Any cat that leaves the house in warm weather is likely to pick up fleas. Many animal species have their own flea species. Birds have bird fleas, rabbits have rabbit fleas, dogs have dog fleas, but everyone has cat fleas. The trouble with cat fleas lies in their proletarian attitude towards life. They prefer a cat as their host, but have nothing against dining on dogs or humans. Canine and human fleas are very rare. Almost all dog fleas are essentially cat fleas.

Spraying Insecticides Or Wearing A Flea Collar?

Insecticides are poisonous. Is it dangerous for me to spray with chemicals or wear a flea collar, that is, constant stay in a cloud of nerve gas?

The point is, what’s more important. Any effective insecticide should be poisonous to fleas, but should not have side effects on cats and humans. When all the pros and cons of anti-flea treatment are weighed, one must also take into account the medical problems that arise.

Getting Rid Of Worms

I noticed in my feces worms the size of a grain of rice. Then, when I put myself in order, I saw that one stuck his head out of my anus, and then pulled back. Where did they come from? Maybe I have other worms and how can I get rid of them.

These grain-sized worms are actually not worms. These are very mobile individual segments of the tapeworm (worm), sacs filled with eggs that will be eaten by flea larvae, the larvae will subsequently turn into fleas and then be eaten by cats – this is how the life cycle of the tapeworm will end.

Taking Medicine When Being Ill

When I am seriously ill, I hate taking any form of medicine. But I know that sometimes I have to accept them. So what’s the least annoying way for me?

Perhaps injections, but they usually involve a trip to the veterinary clinic, which in itself can cause emotional distress. Also, medications can be taken in liquid form or in tablets.

Having Front Toes Amputated

I have heard a lot of scary stories that just because we love to get a little scratched, millions of cats have all their front toes amputated. Is this too severe a punishment, and how can I avoid it?

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and people must take it for granted if they want to enjoy feline society. In some countries, cats do have their claws surgically removed so they do not spoil delicate furniture. This happens in this way: the cat is given anesthesia and then the claws are cut from the bones above the place from where they grow; paws are bandaged, the unfortunate cat comes to, naturally, feeling pain, and they take her home.

Jumping On The Stove

I love the smells coming from the kitchen, especially when the hosts are cooking the roast. Will I get burned if I jump on the stove and, while no one is looking, I try a bite?

It’s risky. Cats can tolerate higher temperatures than dogs and humans, but they still get burned. Selflessly loving warmth, they often singe their mustaches, being too close to the fire. And getting into a hot frying pan is utter folly.

Staying In A Small Box Before Seeing The Vet

Every year my owners shove me into a small box and take me to the vet, which makes me horrified. Is it really necessary?

Yes, both for the well-being of the cat and for the tranquility of its owners. An annual visit to the veterinarian can be equated with a person’s visit to the doctor every five years. Much can get worse in between.

Being Well-groomed Except Going To The Veterinary

Veterinary care is too expensive. Can I be well-groomed but my hosts could avoid the expense?

First, prevention is often cheaper than treatment. Secondly, there is insurance to cover the cost of treatment. Thirdly, when money is bad and the owners are really unable to pay for the treatment, a rare veterinarian will not agree to treat the animal.

Effects Of Herbal Medicine And Homeopathy On Pets

I am an animal, a creature of nature, and I prefer to take natural medicines, such as herbs, to improve my well-being. How valuable is herbal medicine and homeopathy?

There are no clear answers to this question. Western medicine developed from herbal medicine. Many of the most important medicines used today were first discovered in plants. For example, the primary drug used in the treatment of cancer has been derived from periwinkle. The main difference between the ancient herbal medicine and its modern equivalent is that medicinal substances, which were very expensive when they were extracted in small quantities from plants in their pure form, have become much cheaper now, when they began to be reproduced with the help of chemistry, and with a greater degree of purity. and better quality.

Cats Getting AIDS

Recently, a cat we lived with died of a cat disease related to AIDS. He has never had sex with any of the cats. How could he get feline AIDS and is it dangerous for me?

Feline AIDS was discovered only in the eighties of this century, but it appeared much earlier. It is spread through saliva, not sexually.

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