Common Cat Questions: Understanding Your Feline Better [part 7 2022]

Having Uncomfortable Dandruff

I don’t scratch and I don’t gnaw on my fur because it’s itchy. Why do I have so much dandruff that it makes it so uncomfortable to look at myself in the mirror?

When a cat is sick, when its skin is plagued with mites, or even just when the humidity in the house is low and the central heating is operating at full capacity, it might develop a condition known as dandruff.

Having Ringworms

My hosts found out via their physician that they had ringworm, and the shadow believed that I was responsible for infecting them. However, how is this possible given that I do not possess it and that my fur coat is in pristine condition?

The fungal condition known as ringworm is comparable to athlete’s foot in humans and is transmitted by minute spores that are released by the fungus.

Diseases Infecting People

If I am healthy, are there any other diseases that I could accidentally spread to others? If not, are there any other diseases that I could accidentally spread?

Naturally, humans are more likely to become infected by other people than cats, but there are a number of diseases or rather plagues that can be passed from cats to humans. These include fleas, scabies, and ringworm in addition to the previously mentioned ailments.

People Turning Away After Breathing On Them

Why does it seem to make people uncomfortable when I breathe on them? Because I’m splashing saliva?

The bacteria that grow in decaying food and inflamed gums in cats are the root cause of their unpleasant bad breath, which is a common problem. Chewing on their own skin and bones is a common way for cats to maintain healthy teeth and gums, which helps prevent dental disease. They do this by rapidly shoving their upper and lower canines between the cervical vertebrae of the prey and nibbling away at the spinal cord while using their exquisitely formed upper and lower canines to deliver a sudden and lethal bite. Small incisors are used for gnawing on bones, whereas molars with sharper edges are used to gnaw and tear prey.

Still Feeling Unwell After Having A Flu Shot

Despite the fact that my veterinarian gave me a flu vaccination, I still have a runny nose and watery eyes ever since I was brought inside from the cat boarding facility. What might possibly be causing this?

Even though cats are immunized against feline influenza on a regular basis, it is possible for them to develop symptoms of the illness even if they have not come into touch with any other cats. If the cat was staying in a boarding facility for other cats, then she was in a precarious situation. There are many different viruses that might cause symptoms that are similar to those of the influenza, but the conventional influenza vaccine only protects against two of the most prevalent of them. The other, chlamydia, is not always included in the standard immunization process despite the fact that it is common enough to warrant protection by vaccination. After her stay at the boarding house, the cat may have contracted chlamydia, which could explain why she suffers from persistently moist eyes. Antibiotic treatment over an extended period of time may be helpful.

Effects On Aspirin On Cats

My entire life, I have enjoyed climbing on anything and everything, but these days, it hurts anytime I jump off of the kitchen table. Will taking an aspirin ease my pain?

Although aspirin is a very effective anti-inflammatory medication, it should not be given to cats because it can be fatal. To begin, it is imperative that you find the answer to the first and most significant question, which is, “What is the reason of the pain?”

Going Blind As A Cat

What is the possibility that I may lose my sight, and if this does happen, is it still worthwhile for me to live?

To our great relief, cats have a lower risk of going blind, and the vast majority of cats continue to take pleasure in life. In contrast to dogs, cats have a significantly reduced risk of going blind due to inherited conditions. Cataracts can form for a number of reasons, including past trauma to the eye, diabetes, or both. Diabetes is the most common cause of cataracts. The risk of cataracts is highest in Siamese cats due to their genetic predisposition.

Connection Between Having White Fur Coat, Blue eyes And Deafness

My eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, and my coat is a stunningly beautiful shade of white, but I can’t hear a thing. Is there any link that can be drawn between these occurrences!

Yes. There is a genetic connection between deafness, having blue eyes, and having white fur coats. When they first started breeding Persian cats, they used selection to try to enhance the proportion of cats with blue eyes, but at the same time, they saw a significant increase in the number of cats born deaf. If orange-eyed cats were bred with deaf cats, then the deafness problem would not occur.

Number of Fingers

When I counted my fingers not too long ago, I was taken aback to discover that I have twenty-four. Shouldn’t there be just eighteen of them instead?

The presence of extra toes is perfectly natural and may be seen on roughly ten percent of cats in every region of the world, with the exception of the northeastern United States and the coastal regions of Canada, where the percentage is far greater.

More About Anesthesia

I have to get surgery, but I’m terrified about having to get anesthetic. What are the risks associated with receiving anesthesia, and what can I expect from having surgery?

The use of anesthetic does not carry with it a significant amount of danger. Depending on the surgery, the appropriate type of anesthetic will be selected and administered.

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