Checklists For Beginners: How To Properly Take Care Of A New Kitten? (2022)

Have you been choosing a baby on the site of rare breed breeders for a long time? Or couldn’t resist the charm of the neighbour’s Murka’s kittens? Or maybe a miserable wet lump was picked up right on the street? In any case, you will grow up a wonderful animal if you help him at the beginning of your life together.

Prepare The House

Along with the baby, the following should appear in the house:

  • a supply of food for the first days;
  • toilet tray and filler;
  • bowls for food and drink;
  • scratching post;
  • the phone number of the nearest veterinary clinic.

Create Safe Environment

Every morning, carefully examine the baby.

A healthy kitten has bright, clear eyes and thick fur. He wants to move and play. If your pet suddenly became lethargic, check that everything is okay with the chair, there is no irritation under the tail. Kittens get stomach upset from new food. To prevent this from happening, introduce unfamiliar foods into the diet gradually. The cat should always have access to water, especially if it is receiving dry food.

The toilet should be placed in a secluded place. Pour aromatic-free filler into the tray.

All windows and vents should be out of reach of the baby. Unlike adult cats, kittens do not know how to group in a jump.

A little yellowish substance sometimes accumulates in the corners of the eyes. It can be removed with a piece of sterile bandage, wiping from the outer edge of the eye to the nose. It’s good if you dip a napkin in an infusion of chamomile or strong tea. Damage to the skin – bald patches, wounds, cracks – can be signs of a fungal disease, allergy or vitamin deficiency. If you find an open wound, fill it with hydrogen peroxide and call your veterinarian for further instructions.

Check The Health With The Veterinarian

Do not postpone your visit to the veterinarian if you picked up a kitten on the street. As a rule, such crumbs suffer from a whole bunch of parasites and infections.

What are the signs that signal health problems?

  • Dark plaque in the ears – most likely, the baby suffers from an infestation of an ear mite.
  • A swollen belly and dull coat indicate that the kitten has worms.
  • Is he coughing, trying to burp something? It looks like something is stuck in the airway.
  • The eyes fester, the third eyelid closes part of the iris – the baby could catch an infection.
  • Vomiting or discharge from the nose and mouth indicates digestive problems.

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