Checking Myths And Health Tips: What You Should Know As A Cat Owner Both For Yourself And Your Pet 2022

There is a myth that cats are fatal to pregnant women. Don’t believe this! Both a cat and any other animal that is infected with rabies are dangerous, but only a rabid animal is dangerous not only for pregnant women, it is dangerous for absolutely everyone. Having a cat vaccinated against rabies, you can save yourself and your family from this problem. Pregnant women need to be afraid of only one disease, which is carried by a cat – toxoplasmosis. This is a terrible virus that can not only lead to a birth defect in a child, but even a miscarriage. But it must be borne in mind that cats can become carriers of parasites that provoke this disease only if they eat live (or recently killed) prey. And only through cat feces can a person become infected with such a disease. Therefore, if your cat eats only the food you buy and if the pregnant woman does not clean the litter box, then do not worry. If you have doubts whether your cat has eaten something inappropriate, whether the mouse eaten by the cat has been infected, or whether she accidentally caught this disease while walking on the street, then you should analyze the cat’s feces for toxoplasmosis, which, by the way, is treatable. From all this it follows that if there is a pregnant woman in your family, then it is not at all necessary to try to attach or put the cat to sleep. Just get all domestic cats vaccinated against the most common infectious diseases. If you decide to buy a kitten, be sure to make sure that all the necessary vaccinations have been given to him. It will be best if vaccination is carried out no later than than a week before you take him to your house. If you decide to take a house for an already adult cat, then be sure to also find out if she was vaccinated at a young age, whether she was vaccinated at an older age.

The first vaccinations against diseases in kittens should be done at the age of eight to nine weeks, the second series of the same vaccinations should be done after three or four weeks. Rabies vaccination – desirable, available, prescribed by law.

You have probably seen how a cat squatting pulls its body on the floor covering, sofa or bed, while leaving traces of fecal matter several centimeters long, and sometimes even decimeters long.

  At the same time, the animal does not wipe, but tries to get rid of the feeling of discomfort caused by trauma or infection of the anal glands – these are two small sacs that are located on both sides of the anus, which each time the cat goes to the toilet, secrete an unpleasant-smelling liquid. The reason for the strange behavior described above may be a dysfunction of the described glands or difficulty in the outflow of the product of the activity of these glands. If these glands are physically damaged, then this can lead to inflammation and the appearance of parasites, the most unpleasant thing is that the animal will experience pain. This disease does not go away by itself. Rubbing against the carpet can ease the discomfort, but not for long, the same story will repeat itself tomorrow. To help a sick sufferer, you must immediately consult a veterinarian,

If necessary, it is best to see a veterinarian rather than self-medicate. The phone number of the veterinarian or local animal hospital should be prominently displayed at all times. Here are some helpful tips:

  • If unexpectedly your cat stops breathing for an unknown reason, then open its mouth, make sure there are no obstacles to normal breathing, and if they are found, then remove the foreign object with your fingers. By lifting it by the hind legs, shake the cat a little.
  • If the cat is burned, apply ice or cold water to the damaged area. If the injury is the result of a chemical burn, then rinse the damaged area thoroughly.
  • If the cat is bleeding profusely as a result of an injury, do everything to stop the bleeding, this can be done by applying a tourniquet.
  • If a poisonous substance has entered the cat’s body, for example, together with food, then it is necessary to act depending on the type of poison. Be sure to save some of the food the cat ate so that the veterinarian can analyze the sample and determine the nature of the venom. If the poisonous substance got into her cat’s stomach during the process of “washing” from the fur, then stop the cat’s impulses to lick and then wrap her body in cloth, leaving only her head on the surface, immediately contact the veterinarian.

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