Cat Owners FAQs: Tips About Having Cat Water Fountain 2021

What Is A Cat Water Fountain, And How Does It Help?

Why a water fountain and not just a bowl? Firstly, cats often ignore a dish with water, while a water fountain attracts them with a purling sound. Secondly, cats are very picky; they will never drink slack or dirty water. In a fountain, water is constantly mixed; moreover, due to circulation it is oxygenated and has a smell and taste of fresh stream water. Thirdly, the best cat water fountain models have built-in filters that purify water and improve its taste.

If your cat consistently refuses from drinking, or drinks too little, or prefers water running from a faucet, then an auto cat water fountain is a must-have for you. This is of particular importance for owners of cats that eat only commercial dry food. To choose the right fountain model you need to know what types of this device exist.

Types Of Cat Water Fountains

Basically, all auto water fountains have a similar construction. In simple words, it is just a bowl with a mechanism that makes water circulate. But according to the best cat water fountain reviews, several types of these devices can be distinguished.

Water fountains can be produced of:

  • ceramic;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic.

Plastic models are the cheapest, while a stainless cat water fountain is the most expensive option. In terms of power source, fountains can be:

  • electric;
  • gravity-run.

Some people wonder whether there are battery operated cat water fountain models. Unfortunately, as of today, there are no fountains working on batteries. In terms of their construction, fountains can be:

  • with running water;
  • without running water (circulation only).

In our cat water fountain review, we’ll cover different models and compare their characteristics.

Cats And Water: Five Facts To Consider

1. Cats often don’t realize that they need water. Their sense of thirstiness is blunted.

2. Lack of water can cause serious health problems for your furry friend, such as kidney stone disease. This is especially true for sterilized cats.

3. Tap water is impotable for cats as well as for people. Don’t offer your pets the water that you wouldn’t drink.

4. Many cats ignore special bowls with water but readily drink from toilet bowls or faucets. Running water reminds them of natural water springs.

5. A cat water fountain can become a fashionable accessory that will ideally fit into the interior of your home. There are even models with soft lighting.

How To Care For A Cat Water Fountain?

No matter whether you’ve bought a cheap cat water fountain or a premium stainless steel cat water fountain, you need to take care of it properly in order to increase its lifetime and provide your pets with fresh drinking water all the year round. There are several simple but important rules that you should follow. They regard the water reservoir cleaning, cat water fountain filter replacing and the water used.

Change Water Regularly

All cats hate stale water. Though the water in a fountain is purified and circulated, you need to change it from time to time. If your cat is not an avid drinker, it can consume very little water, so that its level in your Petmate cat water fountain can seem unchanged for several days. But irrespective of the amount of water in a bowl, pour it away, wash the reservoir and refill it with fresh water at least once a week.

Make Sure It’s Enough Water In Your Fountain

It is important not to let a water fountain get dry. When it’s too little water in the reservoir, the motor can get overheated, and the device will be out of service soon. In the bowl of any fountain, you’ll see a line, marking the minimum water level: try to pour water well above it. It is especially important when you are going to stay out all day long or leave your home for several days.

Replace Cartridges And Clean The Fountain On A Regular Basis

No cat in the world will ever drink dirty water. Water inside a fountain is purified when it comes through a filter. To maintain a high quality of purification, you need to change filter cartridges regularly. The lifetime of cartridges depends on a particular model; usually, it is from 2 to 4 weeks. Every time you disassemble the fountain, clean the filter, the impeller and all the inner parts of the device in warm soapy water. Read a user manual to learn how to clean cat water fountain correctly and don’t be lazy to do it.

Use Only High-Quality Drinking Water

If you don’t want to replace filters every 2 or 3 weeks, you can do without them. But in this case, use only pure drinking water – bottled or filtered. Don’t give your pets tap water without pre-filtering. You don’t want them to get sick, do you?

Don’t Add Any Supplements To Water Without Need

The best way to hydrate your domestic cat or dog is to give it enough pure fresh drinking water. If your pet is on a special diet, you may need to give it some vitamins or supplements. However, specialists do not recommend adding supplements to water. Picky cats can refuse to drink it. You’d better add vitamins to food or give them separately. If you are not sure how to do it correctly, consult a vet.

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