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Who Is The Heaviest Cat?

The heaviest cat that ever existed in the world is, perhaps, the fat man Himmy, whose owner is Thomas Yees from Cairns (Australia). Himmi weighs forty-six pounds fifteen ounces (approximately 19.3 kg). It is an animal with a neck of fifteen and a waist of thirty-three inches (38 and 84 cm). Himmy’s weight is close to that of a human, but it’s just a cat!

Another famous fat man was a cat who was born in Wales and weighed forty-four and a half pounds (about 18 kg). In the United States, the heavyweight champion is a 43-pound (17.5 kg) white and gray tabby who lives in Connecticut.

According to statistics, the average weight of domestic cats fluctuates between two and three kilograms, and the weight of cats is not so much more, although representatives of some breeds can weigh up to eight kilograms. Of the 330 existing breeds, the ragdoll is the heaviest: males weigh an average of six to eight and a half kilograms.


What Is The Greatest Height A Cat Gets To?

On September 6, 1950, a four-month-old kitten climbed the Matterhorn mountain in the Alps, whose height reaches 4407 m, together with a group of climbers. Here are some other striking examples of cats climbing to great heights.In 1928, a group of climbers, meeting in their club in the Swiss Alps, was extremely surprised when a cat appeared on the doorstep of their house, located at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level! The owner of the house took the cat to himself, and she became the full-fledged mistress of the house lost in the mountains and often accompanied climbers to the rocky snow slopes, the height of which reached 3,700 m.In 1962, a kitten named Zizou entered the Albert Premier climbers’ club, located on Mont Blanc in France at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level. He also enjoyed climbing with climbers to mountains over 4,500 m.In 1980, in Yorkshire, England, a dog chased a cat. The cat, frightened by barking, climbed onto the roof of a five-story building twenty meters high.


What Is The Cat’s World Record For Falling From The Highest Height?

Cat Patricia, being pregnant, at the age of one, really learned what a real fall is. She holds the world record for falling from the highest height. On March 8, 1981, she was thrown off the St. John Bridge in Portland, Oregon, 250 feet into the swirling Willamette River. Two fishermen rescued poor Patricia and took her to the vet. She was operated on, and although she lost her kittens, she survived and was taken into the same family, which proudly showed her at cat shows. Perhaps the cat survived by spreading its legs and arching its back in such a way that its body turned into a real parachute.


Who Is The Cat That Travelled The Most Miles?

According to the author of the book “Companion Cats” Mark Bryant, the cat named Princess Truman Tai-Tai as the cabin boy of the British ship “Sagamire” for sixteen years with its crew over 1.5 million miles.

Doodles the cat, being one of the sailors of the ocean liner “Cedric”, during his nautical career also sailed more than a million miles.

And during the Second World War, among the cats were their hero, one of the kittens “flew” together with a combat crew of thousands of miles. One day, pilots from US Air Force 5 Squadron noticed him clambering aboard a cargo plane in Australia. The kitten, whose face was similar to the face of the German dictator, received the nickname Adolf. Adolf flew nearly 100,000 miles by American pilots during his combat missions. As soon as the aircraft engines started up, the cat was right there, and during the flight most of the time he dozed peacefully near the onboard radio.


Which Cat Wins The Record For Finding The Way Home?

The record for finding the way home belongs to Tom the cat, who walked 4,000 km from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Gabriel, California! This journey took Tom two years and a month and a half, and by the time he returned to California, his coat was pretty frayed. But the brave cat was happy to meet his owners again.

A Persian cat from Australia named Haun is said to have traveled 1,600 km across the continent to find his young mistress after she and her family moved in. It took the cat one year to overcome the turbulent rivers, hot deserts, and wild forests of Australia.


What Is The Moon Cat Festival?

The traditional Moon Cat Festival took place in the town of Lloret de Mar. Invented in 2006, it was conceived as a city holiday dedicated to the local cat museum, but from year to year, the carnival has become more popular and has already acquired an international status.

It is attended by painters, sculptures, photographers, filmmakers, and even fashion designers – in a word, artists whose work is somehow connected with cats. And the organizers of the festival urge guests and spectators not to think about age and debts. economic crisis and at least for a week become a March cat, ready to forget about everything in the world and plunge into the world of the holiday.

The City Cat Museum was founded in 2002 by our former compatriot Vera Novoselova.


Who Is The Richest Cat Thanks To Generous Owners?

Mark Bryant’s book “Companion Cats” tells of animals that became rich thanks to their generous owners, who left them a good part of their fortune by will. In 1992, a seven-year-old cat named Cyras inherited an estate worth $ 850,000 in Bridgeport, Connecticut: according to his will, each of the fifty rooms of this mansion was to have a cat litter.

Charlie Tea was the only stray cat to inherit the property worth $ 250,000. According to his will, after the death of Charlie Tea, all property, which included a three-bedroom house, a seven-acre pet cemetery, and a collection of valuable antiques, was to be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to the Animal Welfare Society.

In 1991, two Burmese cats – Damon and Pitias – received an apartment with a beautiful view of 5th Avenue (Manhattan) worth $ 750,000. According to the last will of their owner, the people assigned to care for the cats were to play with them and give them medicine as needed.

Many charities are also known to have received large sums of money from wealthy animal lovers. Three animal welfare societies received a check for $ 14 million from Ben Rea, an eccentric millionaire, and curmudgeon. The British Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received $ 5 million in exchange for caring for Blackie the cat. And in France, a couple of wealthy cat lovers donated $ 60 million to a charity that cared for French stray cats.


Which Cat Travelled The Greatest Distance To Find The Owners?

Among the traveling cats who traveled great distances to find their owners, we should mention the cat named Clementine, who in 1949, came from New York State to Denver, Colorado, where she had never been before. In 1953, an Indiana soldier took his cat with him to Georgia. The animal disappeared shortly thereafter. The frustrated soldier searched for his favorite for a long time, but to no avail. He later learned that three weeks later she was seen outside his old home in Indiana. In 1955, a woman left her cat, Ling-ling, to her sister. Imagine her surprise when the cat followed her from Sandusky, Ohio, to distant and unknown Florida. Cats who spend their entire lives at home live almost twice as long as those who are allowed to go out for a walk. Heavy traffic, disease, and natural enemies can dramatically shorten the lifespan of avid revelers. In no case should you trim your cat’s whiskers? She needs them in order to accurately move in the dark or safely get out of a difficult situation.


What Is The History Of The Black Beauty Ranch Animal Shelter?

In 1979, Cleveland Emory made his childhood dream come true – he bought a plot of land in Texas and founded the Black Beauty Ranch Animal Shelter (in honor of his favorite book by Anne Sewell, “Black Beauty”). “This is a place where animals are taken care of, not stared at them,” – said the writer when someone called his ranch a private menagerie. On the gates of the ranch are the words from Anne Sewell’s book: “Here I have nothing to fear, and here is the end of my story. My troubles are over, I am home.”

Polar Bear has visited this ranch many times with the owner. In 1992, the cat died and was buried on a ranch, in one of the places where he loved to rest, in the shade of three trees. A monument is erected over his grave. Cleveland Emory died six years later and was bequeathed to bury him next to his beloved cat.


What Is The Mystery Of A Black Cat?

Unbelievable, but true: Once upon a time there was a black cat who has been living next to a person for almost a hundred centuries! The independence and mystery of this creature gave rise to a lot of legends, mystical stories, myths, and signs around him.

The main sign associated with meows is the one that is sung in the famous song: “They say it will be unlucky if a black cat crosses the road.”

Perhaps those who believe in this omen had troubles after meeting with a mustachioed-tailed “coal”. But, most likely, it was just an accident.


How Many Whiskers Does A Cat Have?

Any cat has 24 whiskers. They are very tough, flexible, and long compared to other hairs in the cat’s body. The mustache is located in 4 rows, twelve on both the right and left sides. Some grow on the chin, under the eyes, and on the inside of the forelegs.


Why Do Cats Need A Long Mustache?

Have you ever wondered why a cat needs such a long mustache? What do you think about beauty? No, not only! It turns out that vibrissae (this is how they are called, from the Latin vibrissae – “wriggle”) are the connecting link of cats with the outside world.


Why You Should Not Pull The Mustache Of A Cat?

It is known that the removal or shortening of vibrissae in a mustachioed striped can even lead to a violation of behavior: the gait becomes unsteady and uneven.

Murki are very unhappy even when they are pulled by the mustache, so never take such liberties and explain to your child why this should not be done – it will hurt the pussy. The Chinese even have a saying: “Don’t pull the sleeping tiger’s whiskers.” And the tiger is the same cat!

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