Caring Guide For Your Maine Coon: Grooming, Bathing, Hair Care 2022

Maine Coon Grooming

In recent years, cats of this breed have been successfully performing at many exhibitions. So, the Maine Coon belongs to the semi-long-haired group of cats. The elastic and silky coat on the body adheres to the body. It is softer than that of Siberians. All this splendor must be presented in the best possible way.

Breeders solve problems of heredity. And we, first of all, choose the optimal diet.

We select cosmetics very carefully. We need shampoos, two different conditioners, a hairbrush or comb with long, moderately sparse teeth, a narrow long massage brush with metal pins, and a small natural bristle massage brush.

A neat cat always has clean ears. At least once a week we clean them with a cotton swab moistened with a special lotion. If strange discharge appears in your ears (very dark or purulent), do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian!

The coat of an adult Maine Coon is long, thick, so we select cosmetics with this in mind, as well as color and texture. However, if the cat is not going to the exhibition, a neutral (everyday, without special effects) shampoo and conditioner will be enough. Professionals do not recommend choosing products from the 2 in 1 series (shampoo + conditioner), since the second component of such a product is often ineffective. But the conditioner should, among other things, facilitate combing and speed up drying of the coat!

Maine Coon Hair Care

Consider grooming a coat that is even colored or patterned (no white spots) first. The quality of the wool is perfect – elastic and silky, rich collar, pants and tail.

Check if the tail is fat. If it is greasy, clean it with starch.

We go to the bathroom, where everything that is necessary for washing has already been prepared. On the pre-moistened wool of brightly colored cats, tortoiseshell cats, as well as all types of tabby, we apply shampoo that enhances the color. If the color is pastel (blue or cream) and you want to make it a little lighter, wash the coat with a lightening shampoo.

Lather the shampoo twice to achieve a perfectly washed coat. After that we apply 2 types of conditioners: “Botanical” is distributed over the bodies, and the protein conditioner is applied to the head, chest, hind legs, and tail. Let stand for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

And if the cat is pure white or with white fragments of color? After all, you always want the white wool to be noisy whiteness! We wet the coat, apply a lightening shampoo to all the white areas. We stand for five minutes. We wash off. Apply shampoo to the whole body for the brightness of the color. Brighter fragments will become even brighter, and whites will sparkle like pure snow. If the animal’s coat is too soft or too much undercoat, apply a texturizing shampoo (second lather). This will make the coat more manageable.

Bathing Maine Coon Kittens

For babies (up to six months), we use a mild tear-free shampoo and a neutral conditioner, better on a protein basis (it will save the skin from a negative reaction). Protein conditioners restore the natural moisture balance in the hair, maintain an anti-static effect for a long time, and prevent tangling of even the lightest hair like a kitten’s. The latter property is important since nimble curious kittens love to climb into all accessible and inaccessible places in the apartment, collecting motes forgotten by a vacuum cleaner on their fur coat. And as you know, it is the dusty wool that is electrified and forms tangles.

Naturally, we gradually teach kittens to comb. Let this first be an element of the game, turning into a regular and necessary procedure. The comb and massage brush should become “girlfriends” for the growing kitten.

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