Canary Bird Cage (Best Buying Guide 2022)

Unlike other popular pet birds like parrots or parakeets, canaries are a special breed of singing birds that require exceptional care. The tall and narrow cages suitable for the other birds will not do if you want to keep canaries.

These birds do not climb very high and prefer to hop around. Their flight paths are generally horizontal and not very high. This makes it necessary to put them in cages that are reasonably wide. Canary bird cages come with two perches on either side of the cage to enable the bird to hop around.

The space inside should be enough to keep the feeding tray, water bowl, and toys. The bars of the canary birdcage should not be very widely spaced as the canary is a small bird. A half-inch gap between bars should be more than enough. You should make sure that the feeding tray can be slid in and out without opening the cage.

The canary is a very sensitive bird. It requires corners and that makes it imperative to keep them only in rectangular cages. The location of the cage should be such that it remains cool but there are no cold drafts. This will ensure that your bird survives for a long time. If you want to breed canaries then the cage should be relatively larger.

The canaries are very delicate birds and are easily affected by strong smells and toxic materials. Hence canary bird cages cannot be made from polymers.

Unpolished woods, bamboos, canes and aluminum or stainless steel in metals are suitable materials for building canary cages. Utmost care should be taken not to spray deodorizers or insect repellents in the vicinity of a canary cage. The canaries are also very sensitive to light. So keep the cage in a place that is neither too dark nor too sunny. Maintain all these conditions and you will enjoy the beautiful singing of a happy and healthy bird.

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