Canadian Vs American Mini Pig? [different Breeds and Characteristics]

“Mini pigs” are available in several breeds. It depends on where you read, but if I compile the information I found, I get the following:

Canadian Mini Pig is a translation of “Canadian Miniature Potbellied Pig” which is the American name for Vietnamese hanging pig. In the USA there is an association, NAPPA, which started already in 1989 to inform and educate about the above pet pigs, feel free to look at their website and you will find out a lot. Many Swedish websites state that Canadian minipig is one thing and Vietnamese hanging pig is another. According to most, the Canadian mini pig is the “little pig” and the hanging pig is the “big pig”. The appearance of a hanging pig should be different from that of a Canadian mini pig according to many sources; they have more fat whales, especially in the forehead and down over the eyes, and a shorter wrinkled snout. The size is generally larger in a hanging piglet than in a Canadian minipig. But if you look at NAPPA’s website, you see pictures of hanging pigs that are the size of what I thought was a Canadian mini pig.  

According to the Norwegian website,  a hangover pig looks like this. Swedish White will be a small Swedish mini pig. Unfortunately, I have not found any information about this breed, no more than what is on this Norwegian breeder’s page . According to the documentation I received from a veterinarian, there are the following breeds; Vietnamese Hanging Pig, African Pygmy, Göttingen, Ossabaw and Yucatan. In addition, I have heard about Indonesian Minigris, see the photo gallery.

My conclusion is that it can be purebred or a huge mix of above breeds and also a mix of wild boar in the pigs we today generally call mini pigs. I guess the size is often what is taken into account when you “decide” what breed a pig is. But there are demonstrably hanging pants pigs of the smaller caliber as well. This page is about mini pigs regardless of pedigreeI no longer want to say that Chico is a Canadian Mini Pig, as I thought from the beginning – but he is a Mini Pig! 

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