Can Pet Pigs Live Indoors? [How to Setup House, Kennel, Bed, Pen & Cage]

I had always loved pigs and our home was completely decorated in what could only be described as an “Early Pig Motif”.  I jumped on the idea of having a potbellied pig the month I learned it is possible, like a hungry duck on a June bug. 

The nagging started and the war cry:  “I want a pig!!” became a constant theme at our house.  Finally, in a desperate bid for peace and quiet, my parents found an ad in the local paper where a breeder was selling potbellied piglets for $80 each.  parents agreed to take me to “look” at the pigs.  As soon as we walked across the property and up to the pen area where the piglets were busy scooting around I came to the awful realization that I was leaving there $80 poorer and one pig richer. 

There were eight or 10 little black potbellied pigs bouncing around like so many hooved ping pong balls and a 100-pound sow laying in the straw watching the proceedings with detached interest.

I truly wish I could say that there was some sort of special “moment of bonding” that took place during this visit, but the truth of the matter is that the piglet we ended up with was the first female that the breeder could catch as 10 little black rockets zoomed by at warp speed.  We left with this little “bundle of energy” snuggled into my arms, an  $80 dent in my checkbook, and me shaking my head in disbelief at what I had gotten myself into.

Of course, we knew absolutely nothing about pigs back then, but, hey, we had had dogs and cats for years….. what was the difference?  A pet is a pet.  Owning a potbellied pig couldn’t be any different from owning a funny-looking dog. 

Throughout the years, we probably made every possible mistake that a new pet pig owner can make.  I am convinced that my little pig angel survived in spite of us, certainly not because of us.  It didn’t take her very long to eat and snuggle her way into our hearts.  We were totally and completely hooked.  Once you look deeply into a pig’s eyes and see the inner beauty and the depth of their souls, there is no turning back.

We began trying to find out more about these unique little creatures, which back then was not very much.  Some breeders were selling “registered” potbellies for thousands of dollars.  We felt pretty lucky that we had gotten off with $80.  Our pig was an indoor/outdoor pig.  She had free access to a huge backyard via a “pig door” cut in the laundry room door.  She slept in the bed, played outside, rooted up the garden, and, generally, enjoyed life as an “only” pig.  She got along ok with the dogs, but there was certainly no love lost between them.  She always seemed too aloof to be bothered playing with them other than to try to steal their food at feeding time.  Life settled into a comfortable routine.

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There have been many joys and sorrows along the way.  We have made many mistakes and many good friends.  Our lives have been changed forever by these unique and wonderful little animals.  We would not go back and undo any of it, even if we could.  You can not love animals without being deeply changed.  The changes have been good ones and are a joy beyond words.

To bring this story full circle, my ‘baby’ pig is still alive.  She has full run of the property and greets each and every visitor with a sniff, a snort, and a grunt.  She has taken all of this in good stride and with an air of dignified indifference of which only a pig is capable.  We think that she somehow senses what is happening in a way that only animals are capable of.  We like to think that, in spite of her indifference and aloof attitude, she approves of the home and graciously shares her home and us with the other rescued animals.

This is the beginning, not the end, of the story.  The end has yet to be written.  We will write it with the help of many others who care enough to help us help the animals.  The pages of this site will continue to educate people about the plight of miniature pigs and many other animals. 

I want to motivate many of you to get involved in whatever way you can to help.  We are here for the pigs.  It is really just that simple.  Won’t you join us?

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