Best Ways to Feed Pet Pig 2023 [Food & Water Ideas]

An average potbellied pig at maturity will probably be in the 80-120 pound range if not overweight.  This is the size of a small to a medium-sized dog in terms of height and length.  We have seen potbellied pigs at well over 400 pounds. 

Some have simply been grossly overfed and under-exercised and others have been crossbred with other pigs-even farm pigs. 

The smallest healthy adult potbelly we have seen was about 45-50 pounds at maturity. 

Keep in mind that size (length and height) are a function of genetics and are predetermined in the pig.  Weight is mainly a function of how much the pig eats. 

Pig owners can affect their pig’s weight through feeding and exercise, but not the pig’s eventual size.  Potbellied pigs can continue to grow well into their fourth year, although experience has shown us that the majority of their growth is complete by the end of their second year.

To get a healthy pig, learn the best ways to feed your pigs!

Pig Waterer

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Pig Water Bowl

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Pig Feeder Ideas

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Pig Feeder Diy

Pig Food

Enrichment To Feed The Pig

What do pet pigs eat? Can I feed them table scraps?

Potbellied and other miniature pet pigs need food created just for them. Lots of different ones on the market. To name a few; Mazuri, Nutrina, Manna Pro, Champion, and Heartland. All are balanced nutrition and are all the pig(s) needs. Many of these will ship directly to your door if you can’t locate a dealer close to you. If it is not cost-effective to have it shipped then you can substitute regular hog maintenance which is antibiotic-free. You do not want the one that has the antibiotic because it will cause your pig to develop an immunity to antibiotics and then when it is sick, will be harder to treat. These foods were created for market hogs who don’t live a long life. Also, another alternative is unsweetened horse pellets. Remember, these are not created for miniature pigs but they are the closest to their food. You may have to adjust the amount due to the larger amount of protein in the food.

Potbellied and other miniature pet pigs need about 13 to 16% protein. No higher as it will cause them to gain weight and gain it too fast. One of the largest killers of the miniature pet pig is obesity. You really need to maintain a good diet.

How much should I feed the pet pig?

The amount really depends upon the age of the pig. When they are young, from 8 weeks to about 6 months, they need three meals a day whenever possible. They run and play and burn a lot of calories. They also need fresh vegetables as part of their main diet if they don’t have a place to graze or it is wintertime. The number of pellets should be about ½ cup 3 times a day.

From six months to three years, feed them two cups of pig pellets a day – one cup in the morning and one in the evening. If you are home during the day, you can divide it into 3 or 4 feedings to make them more satisfied. Remember to stay away from foods with a lot of sugar. Fruit is OK in moderation, such as 1/4 apple about 3 or 4 times a week.

Treats are OK if fed in moderation and low in calories. Cheerios are a good food to train with, only giving one piece at a time. Others are air-popped popcorn, raisins, or vegetables cut into small pieces. DO NOT OVERFEED. All pigs will beg for food. That is their nature but not always healthy for them and NEVER feed table scraps or dog or cat food.

Water should always be available to them, both to drink and in a pool. Pigs do not pant or sweat and need water to cool off in. Small children’s wading pools are excellent. You can cut part of the side down so they can get in it easily. Also, the large rubberized cement mixing pans work well.

Click this weblink to know how you can feed your pigs. Here you also find their favourite foods.

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