Best Pet Rat Cage Setup Ideas

Cages specifically designed for housing rats as pets are an imperative requirement for doing so safely. There are many different designs of cages available on the market, and each one has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Be careful to give some thought to the location of the cage so that adequate space may be supplied there. Do not position the cage in an area that is prone to drafts or that has wildly fluctuating temperatures.

A rat cage needs to be significantly larger than the average hamster cage that one might be familiar with. Due to the fact that rats are so busy, they require a slightly larger living area. If you have one rat, you should be sure to give a bottom surface area that is at least two square feet in size. If you have two or more rats, you might consider getting a larger rat cage or one that has multiple levels.

Rats love to scale walls and other vertical surfaces. They are very similar to monkeys in both their ability to climb and their motivation in doing so. To begin, it would be ideal to purchase a multi-level cage if your financial situation permits it. If the enclosure you choose has numerous levels, you have the option of installing stairs, hammocks, and balconies in it. You may fashion a hammock out of the leg of an old pair of pants by threading two separate strands of string through the leg and then tying the strings together in four different places.

It is possible to construct a little balcony by using a board that is fastened to the cage in various places.

Using a tiny cardboard box and some scissors, you can fashion a little house by cutting windows and doors into it. Put some pillows and blankets inside to finish out the house. You are able to include additional components, such as climbing tubes and wooden branches. Your neighborhood pet store will have a wide variety of climbing accessories available for purchase that could pique your pet’s curiosity. If you have an elderly rat or one that is unwell, rat climbing toys are usually not a good idea for the cage in which you keep your pet rat.

In the natural process of looking for food, rats like digging quite a bit. Providing them with an outlet for this natural drive can be accomplished by housing them in rat cages that include a digging box. You can use any little plastic box, such as a box for kitty litter, and fill it with some sterile soil to use as a planter. There should be no other chemical components in the soil but the soil itself.

It is even possible to sow seeds directly into the soil in order to cultivate plants from a variety of grains or grasses. Put in just the right amount of water so the seeds will germinate, but not so much that there will be an issue with mold. If you want to take things a step further, you can take the soil and mix in some stones or a piece of PVC tubing. Your rats will be presented with an additional task if you bury some treats in the dirt. It was up to you whether you put their digging box on the inside or the outside of the cage. Always remember to thoroughly clean and refresh the soil at regular intervals.

Spend some time thinking about whatever type of cage to buy and how to decorate it before you get started. There is a diverse selection of cages available for selection. Do some research and find a hamster cage that offers the most value for your money. Your pets will be content if you provide them plenty of warm bedding and toys to play with.

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