Best Outdoor Dog Houses 2023 [insulated for Backyards]

Dog Kennels & Houses

Wooden dogs’ kennels can be particularly attractive and are available in a wide range of designs.

These can be as simple as a standard “dog house” structure or as elaborate as elaborate designs that include porches and decking for your dog to relax on while basking in the sun. Some dog houses even include a second level, which your pet may utilize to clamber up to the roof of the structure and soak up some rays. Dogs that want to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings will find this to their liking.

There is a wide selection of ready-to-assemble wooden kennels that may be purchased. There are some ready-made kennels that will need some basic assembly or will need to be treated with a substance that will protect the wood.

Always check the label of any product or paint used on a kennel to be sure it is safe for dogs.

Wooden kennels are quite likely to be chewed on by dogs, which could lead to illness if the kennels were treated with harmful wood preservatives or other coatings. The majority of dog kennels already come pre-treated with a wood preserver that is safe for dogs, but you should verify the product specifics if you are doubtful.

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Best MidWest Homes For Pets Kennel

Midwest life stages 30″ – This crate is fairly straightforward to assemble, and the divider panel is really essential for crate training a puppy. Good quality easy to assemble and to fold down for storage or transportation, very pleased good price and fast delivery, would buy again.

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Best MidWest Homes For Pets Dog Crate

It’s bigger on the inside – This crate is absolutely perfect for 70 lb. English Bulldog. He has plenty of room to move around and get comfy. It’s easy to set up and plenty durable.

In most cases, kennels fare better when they are elevated above the ground.

Some pre-fabricated dog houses come equipped with their very own set of feet. Not only does this kind of design aid with air circulation, but it also makes it less of an issue if your dog urinates up the side of the kennel, which is something that the vast majority of male dogs will do.

If a dog urinates on a kennel that is sitting on the ground, there is a good chance that the liquid will seep under the kennel and soak into the base. The similar thing will happen with rainwater. Because of this, wooden kennels that are placed directly on the ground are more likely to deteriorate over time compared to those that are elevated somewhat.

Kennels that do not have their own feet can simply be placed on wooden blocks or bricks; however, care should be taken to ensure that the kennel is fixed in a position that is stable.

Plastic Dog Houses

Alternatively, plastic dog kennels are often more durable than wooden models.

There are numerous options available for aesthetically pleasing and well-designed plastic dog kennels. Plastic dog kennels with a traditional “dog house” design can often be purchased for a lower price than wooden kennels of the same size and style. Kennels made of plastic might be preferred for dogs that like to gnaw on things. They won’t splinter in your dog’s mouth as wood can, but they can still be destroyed by dogs that are really determined to gnaw on things.

Dog Igloos are a common type of plastic kennel that people choose. They offer good defense against the elements and are more long-lasting than many different types of timber constructions. Dog igloos can also make an excellent indoor home for your pet by offering a lovely and snug den for them to hang out in while they’re inside the house.

Build Your Own Dog House

As an alternative to buying a kennel or dog house, you can make your own with relative ease.

You have the ability to make such a project as straightforward or intricate as you see fit. You can find straightforward plans for ‘dog boxes’ that are easy to follow on the internet. These boxes can be crafted with a moderate amount of wood and in a short amount of time.

You can also repurpose other things in order to utilize them as kennels.

Old whiskey barrels make fantastic dog-houses. A great number of businesses offer shipping services for used barrels at prices that are affordable. The only thing that is necessary is a straightforward wooden frame for the barrel to rest on. Just remove one of the ends and put the barrel on its side to finish. Inserting a flat piece of thick board into the interior of the barrel gives you another option for providing your dog with a level surface on which to lie down.

Be sure that any dog kennels you buy or make are secure enough to protect your pet, just like you would with any other do-it-yourself project. Check to see that there are no protruding nails or screws, splinters, or sharp edges that could potentially cause injury.

The following books may be helpful if you are considering designing and building your own dog house, and they are included in no particular order.

Dog Kennel Security

You must make sure your dog’s kennel or run is safe and secure.

While their owners are out and about, many pet owners confine their canine companions to outside kennels or runs. Be aware that dogs frequently shock us with their ability to flee, and that a dog that has been left alone for several hours can quickly become quite determined and destructive if he is bored.
More worryingly, dogs are sometimes stolen from garden kennels or runs.

There have been reported cases of dog thieves cutting weld-mesh fencing or breaking off padlocks to gain access to dogs left unattended. Make sure your dog’s run is as secure as possible if you are planning to leave your dog alone for any length of time.

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