Dog House Under The Stairs – Best DIY Ideas

Every furry friend needs a space for themselves. What tends to be growing increasingly popular in new homes are dog houses. It is 2022, and your dog shouldn’t be sleeping outside in the cold and wet weather. The solution to many pet owner problems is affordable, and keeps the house clean! Read on for more information.

The Cost of Creating A Home For Your Puppy

A lot of people tend to worry that building a dog house will empty their pockets and savings. However, that is simply not the case! Doing this DIY is extremely affordable and requires very little past experience to attempt. 

Making a Space Under the Stairs & Designs

Does your home already have a room under the stairs? Does it need to be renovated and made? It depends where you are living and the logistics to it. The only costs necessary are, some wood planks, flooring of choice, the dog amenities, and required tools. It also comes down to how big your dog is and what it takes for them to sleep. To ensure there is enough room, place your pooches bed in the space being looked at. If the bed fits and has a little wiggle room, it is a perfect place to set up. If it’s too small and can’t even fit the bed, chances are you’re going to need to look for a bigger area. 

Tools needed 2022

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Paint of choice if wanted 
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sander/Sand Paper
  • Glasses for Safety

How To Get Started

Rodas Indoor Dog House is one of the best portable pet supplies on the market if you want a speedy and simple solution. You can start by getting inspiration on tiktok, instagram, and facebook. You want to make sure the house is waterproof and safe. There are useful links on youtube for the actual building process as well.  

Why Pet Owners Keep Their Dogs Outside 

Owners may keep their dogs outside for numerous reasons, a big one being cleanliness. They don’t want their house having paw prints from a long walk be tracked indoors. They also might not appreciate barking indoors, as well as biting.

Why Pet Owners Shouldn’t Keep Their Dogs Outside

Owners shouldn’t be leaving their pets outside for long because there are a lot more negative benefits than positive ones. Firstly, dog health. Dogs can get sick, pick up irregular diseases, and even get hurt if they are kept outside unattended. Depending on where you live, pets also can get stolen. With the advancement in technology, it seems hard to accept that dogs are still used to guard a house and live outside in such an inhumane way anymore. 

A Solution To These Problems

A dog house provides so many benefits. Firstly, it is a space purely for your animal, they can sleep, rest, and sit in their area. This means no more fur on your couches and beds if unwanted. Secondly, Dog houses can have doors. Instead of kicking your furry friend outside if you have lots of guests or a party, simply let them stay in their own little home and be able to be warm and comfortable. 

Links to Dog House Designs 

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