Beginner Dog Owners Guide 2022 [easy & Useful Training Tips]

When it comes to top dog training tricks, there are some essential commands that all canines need and desire. In fact, a well-trained dog is one that listens to its master who also listens to the pet’s needs and desires. The view about dog training tricks is all about this need to “listen” and obey; while most canines are ready and willing.

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Another aspect of dog training is linked to sharing human affection with the pet in a consistent and real way. There is a view that a dog that receives a lot of quality time and attention with its master and family unit is a happy dog. In turn, a happy dog is a well-mannered dog that obeys its master’s commands with joy, the right attitude and action.

There is a view that not all dog breeds are alike when it comes to having a “balanced” pet that responds properly when commanded. While some dogs are ready to learn, and then answer their master’s wishes; other dogs do not seem to take notice. A dog with problem behaviors needs their master’s attention as young as possible when it comes to perfecting dog training tips.

Best things to train your dog?

What is the top dog training tip for beginners?

You need to teach your dogs with affection.

The basic of any dog training requires the master to always respond with “affection,” say longtime breeder commenting online. While affection helps with creating the right learning and response attitude for dogs, there are many pet owners who simply phone in their words of affection. In turn, a dog can understand if their master is offering real or faked affection. The experts say it’s essential to always share love and true affection with dogs if one wishes them to behave and respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, there is a commonly held point of view that any dog, regardless of age, can learn basic dog obedience when its master takes the time and is consistent in training and tackling any inherent behavior problems.

What are the necessary beginner dog commands?

The “come” command

This is another non-negotiable command because it’s essential for a dog that is mindful and truly obedient. The dog trick is accomplished with a leash and collar on the pet; while giving the command “come,” while pulling on the leash ever so gently. In turn, a treat and words of affection are offered once the dog has mastered this command to come when the leash is removed.

The “down” command

The action involved in making your pet sit down is often a somewhat difficult dog trick because experts view this command as “submissive” from the animal’s point of view. Still, the command “down” is needed when your dog is anxious or in fear. The trick involves using your dog’s favorite treat. The pet sniffs the treat as one moves the hand with the treat to the floor. In turn, the trainer encourages the dog to say “down,” while affection and the treat are also shared with the happy pet.

The “stay” command

This popular and needed dog training trick beings with the dog instructed to sit. The master then opens their hand in front of the dog; while staying “sit” in a clam and forceful tone of voice. The trainer then rewards the dog with words of affection; while slowing taking a few steps back and away from the pet. The idea is to keep the animal staying put even while the master is gradually moving away.

The “leave it” command

This all-important dog training trick is designed for the pet’s safety. For instance, what happens if your dog licks or eats something toxic on the ground? The best defense is to equip your animal with the clear understanding to “leave” that intriguing but toxic item or substance on the ground where the dog may have found it. The goal is to use a dog’s favorite treat with the tip of enclosing the treat within one’s hand that is closed; while telling the animal to leave it. While the dog may bark and still try to eat or take the dangerous item in its mouth, the best advice is to repeat the words “leave it,” and then motion the animal away with the treat.

In general, the best advice from longtime dog breeders is to always perform dog training tips in a safe and secure environment.

What are some easy dog tricks for beginners?

Overall, there is a lot any pet dog can easily learn from its master including how to sit, leave it, stay, come or even fetch when playing with the animal inside or outside.

The consensus from longtime dog breeders and trainers online is to stay the course when trying to teach these highly intelligent animals various tricks or commands.

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