Becoming A Cat Owner In 2022: How To Choose Your New Cat?

Needs and behaviors vary according to the age and sex of the animal.

Bringing a new cat home is an exciting experience, but first you need to learn and ask the right questions: can your cat adapt to your lifestyle and environment? Do you adopt a kitten or an adult cat? a male or a female?

Small Typology Of A Cat By Age Group

Hard to resist kittens, they are so cute! They are at once gentle, playful, playful and curious. But they also require a lot of attention and surveillance: little nonsense, education efforts, availability for games … Are you ready to invest the time and energy needed to take care of a kitten?

The adult cats are also playful, but remember that they grew up in someone else, outside or without masters. Whatever their background, their personality is already shaped and will therefore be easier to perceive from your first contact with him. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get information from your previous master, such as litter habits, food preferences, and personality. However you will need a little time for your personalities to adapt to each other.

In general, middle-aged cats and older cats need a little more time to acclimatize to a new home. Nevertheless, it can be very nice to adopt an older cat, which usually sleeps all night. The usual problems of aggressive behavior, especially towards other cats, are rarer in older cats.

Male Or Female?

If it is sterilized, your cat, whether male or female, will in any case be an excellent pet. The behavior of a cat is quite similar to that of a cat! However, there are some differences commonly observed:

Females are sometimes more cuddly and males more independent, but the opposite may be true too.

As a rule, males are a little bigger than females.

An unsterilized male may have some troublesome behavior: he may be tempted to run away, to urinate here and there leaving a strong smell, and to seek a fight (which favors the transmission of diseases and injuries of all kinds, often repetitive .)

An unsterilized female can often meow and seek out when she is in heat. Pussies are very young early in life and unprogrammed litters can be expensive and especially difficult to manage.

If you already have cats, they can be a determining factor in the choice of the sex of a new feline companion. If you already have a sociable (sterilized) male, a young female (neutered) may be the best choice for him or for you.

The sterilization of a female is more expensive than the sterilization of a male, especially if the female is already expecting small. Most shelters have their cats sterilized before offering them for adoption.

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