Bearded Dragon Cage Setup

If you have bought a new bearded dragon, you will need to know about the bearded dragon cage setup. First, you will want to buy a tank. The most popular type of tank is a glass reptile tank, and a good size is about 40 to 75 gallons.

You can also buy cages that are made of melamine or PVC. If you are buying a baby bearded dragon, you will want to block off about half the cage until the baby is larger so that it doesn’t have to work too hard to catch crickets. You should also remember that bearded dragons will need to be separated at about six months of age, though some females can coexist together.

The next step in your bearded dragon cage setup is filling your tank with accessories. Bearded dragons will need a heat light and a UVB light. The more light, the better. The UVB light bulb will need to be replaced every six months. UVB light is a very important part of bearded dragon care. Some bearded dragon cages come with specific places to place your lights. The lights will need to be turned off at night.

When it comes to filling your tank, you can use sand or reptile carpet. Baby bearded dragons need to be housed on reptile carpets or shelf liners to reduce impaction problems. Bearded dragons like to climb, and you can add branches, ledges, reptile hammocks, and so on.

They also need a house so that they can hide from things that are bothering them. In addition, you should also consider adding a cage background if you have a glass cage because that will make them feel safer. Bearded dragon cage setup can be expensive, and it will take some time, but it is a very important part of caring for your bearded dragon.

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