Are You Looking For A Pet Camera That Can Also Work As Treat Dispenser?: ‘PetChatz Camera’ Review 2021

Many cats and dogs feel stressed out when their owners are away from home, but pet parents are even more prone to separation anxiety. Fortunately, the PetChatz HD camera lets pets and their owners keep in touch over long distances. If you’ve ever wanted to check in on your animal companion while at work or during a long vacation, PetChatz HD allows you to do that and much more.

PetChatz Camera Overview 4.6/5.0

  • Design: 5/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4.5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4/5

You can talk to your pet, dispense treats, spray calming scents and even play a game with your fur baby remotely. Of course, all of these features come at a cost. Is this highest of high-end pet cams worth the hefty price tag?

This in-depth review will help you decide.


  • Most features work exactly as advertised.
  • The camera is easy to mount on kennel doors or anywhere else you desire.
  • It comes with healthy treats free of grain and other fillers.
  • The treat dispenser notifies you when supplies are low.


  • The treat dispenser is only designed for PetChatz treats.
  • Sometimes the dispenser becomes clogged or dispenses multiple treats.
  • While you can record videos, there is no way to capture photos.
  • It’s by far the most expensive pet camera.
  • The cost of additional treats and other accessories can also add up.


The device comes with everything you need to start using it right out of the box. The only tool you may require is a screwdriver to set up the mounting bracket.

What Is Included?

  •  PetChatz HD camera
  •  USB power supply
  •  Mounting bracket with a drywall anchor and screws
  •  1 package of PetChatz Treatz
  •  PetChatz Treatz cup and dispenser
  •  1 vial of PetChatz Scentz essential oil drops
  •  PetChatz Scentz pads

The accompanying web and mobile app must be downloaded online. Additional PetChatz HD accessories available for purchase include:

  •  3 month supply of PetChatz Treatz
  •  10 ml bottle of Scentz Oil
  •  10 pack of Scentz pads
  •  PetChatz camera stand

PetChatz Guard to protect against biting and licking The PawCall, a device that allows pets “call” their owners from the PetChatz HD by pressing a button, must also be purchased separately.


For pets and pet owners who can’t bear being apart, PetChatz HD features a built-in camera and microphone that enables two-way communication via a desktop computer or mobile device. Whether you’re just down the road or on the opposite side of the planet, you can check in on your fur babies whenever you miss them. The treat dispenser gives pets an incentive to come to the camera whenever you “call.” If your pet seems anxious, you can deliver a spray of “PetChatz Scentz,” which is a non-toxic mixture of natural oils that promotes relaxation. You can even remotely record videos of your babies.

Technical Features

  •  PetChatz HD is Wi-Fi enabled for easy synchronization with web and mobile apps.
  •  View video stream from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  •  A small screen and speaker allow your pet to see and hear you as well.
  •  Set special ringtones to “call” your pet from a mobile device.
  •  Dispense treats and calming spray with a single mouse click or button press.
  •  Play an interactive game with particularly clever pets.
  •  Built-in motion and sound sensors send notifications to your phone when something out of the ordinary happens.

Performance Review

The HD camera outputs video in 1280 pixels x 720 pixels with a 30-fps frame rate. It performs well in low-light conditions, so pets and owners can still see each other even when the curtains are drawn. The device was designed with pets’ safety in mind; it doesn’t have any sharp edges, and there are no long cords to chew on. Before plugging in the unit, you should turn off the power outlet at the fusebox and install the mounting bracket over the outlet. After resetting the power, the mounting bracket will hold the camera in place, and you can start communicating with your pet. Alternatively, you can install the PetChatz HD camera on the door of a kennel.

The PawCall accessory, which must be purchased separately, has a single button that is theoretically easy for any animal to use; however, training pets how to use it when they want to place a long distance call is another matter altogether.

Final Verdict

No other pet camera comes close to offering the array of features found in the PetChatz HD. Consequently, it’s the most expensive device of its kind. You could likely purchase two pet cameras of lower quality for the same price. If you must always have the best for your fur babies, then the PetChatz HD will not disappoint; however, many pets and owners would be content with a more modest device.

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