Are You Looking For An Automatic Pet Feeder? ‘Feed and Go Smart Feeder’ Unboxing And Review 2021

You’ll probably agree, sometimes life makes it hard to manage certain aspects of your life, such as feeding your pets on time. What’s worse is that forgetting or being late to administer meds could be risky for your animals.

An automatic pet feeder is a great solution. It can make sure that your animals get their food or meds on time. You can even use automatic feeders to give your pets treats.

Feed and Go Smart Feeder Overview: 4.8/5.0

  • Design: 5/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • AV-Quality: 4.5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • User-Reviews: 4.5/5

As you’ll see in our Feed and Go Smart Feeder review, everything about using this product is easy. It even comes with extra features such as a camera and speaker.


  • It has a flat design, so animals can’t tip it over to get food out.
  • It supports six servings of food, meds, or treats.
  • Being able to take out the tray of food compartments makes it easy to clean.
  • Scheduling feeding times is easy and flexible with the web interface that you can access from a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • The built-in camera lets you check on your animals while they eat.
  • It can record your voice and use it to grab your pets’ attention for mealtime.


  • The motor that turns the tray of food might be too noisy for some people.
  • It relies on electric power to function and doesn’t have a backup battery in case of a power outage.
  • The 320-by-240 camera resolution is low by modern tech standards.
  • It’s not a great fit if you have large or multiple pets.


When we received our order for this Feed and Go Smart Feeder review, it came in a nicely designed brown box with the product logo on it. The pet paws were a cute touch for the packaging. The contents of the packaging were also placed and secured well. The automatic pet feeder itself was snuggled in styrofoam blocks. Except for your animals’ favorite foods or treats, everything that you need to set up and start using the feeder is inside the box:

  •  Feed and Go Smart Feeder
  •  56-inch USB power cord
  •  AC power adapter
  •  Instruction manual
  •  Safety and warranty guide
  •  Design and Highlights

The Feed and Go Smart Feeder has a glossy white finish and round corners. It’s of substantial size because of the flat design, which is unique compared to other products. The whole product measures 18 inches long, 16 inches wide and 3 inches high. The curved lid measures about 15 by 15.5 inches. It locks in to cover the round food tray that’s sectioned into six triangular compartments. Each section can hold about 1 cup of food, and the lid provides an airtight seal that keeps dry food fresh for up to two days. The compartments can hold wet food as well, but the company doesn’t recommend leaving it in there for more than one day.

To pop the lid, you simultaneously press the two buttons near the front edge. This allows you to add food and remove the tray for cleaning. It also prevents your pets from getting food out. There’s a triangular cutout in the lid to expose just one compartment of food. Just above the exposed compartment and within the lid is the camera. Its 320-by-240 resolution is fairly low quality but allows you to make sure that your pets get their meals.

The lid also has three operational buttons. One of them turns the food tray counterclockwise to the next compartment. The second manually turns on and off the feeding schedule that you program through the web interface. The last button allows you to record and play a six-second message. The idea behind the message is to give your animals a familiar voice for feeding time. An LED light provides status indications for each button.

In the back of the Feed and Go Smart Feeder, a fold-up panel protects several elements:

  •  Ethernet port
  •  LED lights for connectivity status
  •  Power port
  •  Reset button
  •  Volume control
  •  Wireless Protection Setup button
  •  Technical Features

The features that excelled during our Feed and Go Smart Feeder review were the wired and wireless connectivity. The Ethernet port lets you connect directly to your modem or router. The 802.11 b/g/n wireless support allows you to use WPS for setup.

Although this automatic pet feeder doesn’t have a mobile app, it’s web interface makes setup a breeze. You can access the interface on any internet-enabled device with a web browser. After entering the serial number and creating an account, it gives you flexible times for feedings and lets you use the camera in the feeder to see your animals. The interface also allows you to set up notifications via text message or email. These let you know when your pets are about to eat or were just fed.

Performance Review

As mentioned, setting up the Feed and Go Smart Feeder is pretty simple, and you can manage everything through the web interface. These features all functioned without a hitch during our testing. We were able to set up a one-time feeding and multiple feedings, and the device didn’t miss any of them. Using the Feed Now option in the web interface was practically instantaneous. Despite having a low-quality camera, it worked well enough to see the pets eat under normal lighting conditions.

In low light, however, it was almost impossible to see them. The text and email notifications were on time too, allowing us to see live video of the animals.

Final Verdict

We were very pleased during our Feed and Go Smart Feeder review. This product is a great solution to feeding or giving meds to your pets on a daily basis. The ability to personalize the feeder with a recorded message will make your animals feel more comfortable about eating out of the feeder without your direct interaction.

If you have multiple pets, however, having just one automatic pet feeder may not work very well unless they don’t mind sharing. You might have better luck purchasing multiple Feed and Go Smart Feeders in this situation. It also may not be ideal if your area is prone to power outages because it doesn’t have a backup battery.

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