Are You Confused How And What To Feed Your Cat? Tips You Should Read For Healthy And Happy Meals 2022

What unprecedented quirks of their pets are not told by the owners of cats and cats! Strange as it may seem, cats belonging to lonely, elderly and … needy people are famous for their particular pickiness and clearly aristocratic manners! Perhaps for a long time fiddling with the preparation of ingenious dishes from the notorious “little things”, which are unusually cheap, and trying to keep their little furry friends in satiety and prosperity for a long time, poor grandparents compensate for their own disorder, a feeling of “abandonment”, the lack of the opportunity to gluttony or at least just eat tasty and full of food every day. In families where there is a close, trusting relationship between the household, where the elders and the younger ones communicate energetically with each other, where everyone is in a state of creative activity or busy with productive work, cats for some reason cease to be capricious and eat fish and meat in any form with appetite. And it never occurs to anyone in such a family to take out bones from carp, fry fish especially for a cat, if on this day people do not have fried fish for lunch (which, of course, will also be treated to “the main family members”), or cut into small, very small pieces of a healthy piece of meat trim, which is so pleasant to wiggle with sharp teeth, pressing it tightly with a clawed paw, like a real (very ferocious!) predatory beast, while publishing formidable markets, the same frightening and shuddering nearby space, like growling, to for example, the Bengal tiger!

But, of course, if the cuts of meat, as they say, are neither one nor the other – it is better to really cut them smaller. It is convenient to do this not with a knife, but with ordinary tailor’s scissors – try it, see for yourself. Cats make great use of their canines, but hardly chew their food. Therefore, if a piece of meat or fish of medium size cannot be pressed with a paw in order to tear off (nibble) a small piece from it, the cat will swallow it whole. In an animal that has swallowed large pieces (especially a kitten), even a strong cat’s stomach may not be able to cope with digestion.

Raw Meat

Raw meat is very good for any carnivore, including a cat. However, you should not give raw pork to cats. Uncooked pork meat may contain tapeworm eggs, the so-called pork tapeworm. This is a genus of huge worms, some of which sometimes reach a length of several meters! Raw pork meat can contain pathogens and several other diseases. In general, we all know perfectly well how many microbes that are dangerous for us, humans, and for our little four-legged friends, are around – on the ground, in the air, and in the water. So let’s look at things realistically. Let’s think about real dangers, as if programmed by our misbehavior. And as for the unpredictable, accidental – after all, no one has insured against such unexpected troubles, neither people nor animals, not even the epidemiologists themselves, infectious disease specialists, hygienists. If you find it unsafe to feed your animal raw meat and fish, do not feed it.

Fry Food Or Boiled Food

Fry, boil – the cat will eat fried and boiled with pleasure. If you think that eating fried is in principle harmful – give your cat raw or boiled fish. A lot of people do both this and the attack, some prefer dry bagged food or canned food. Here, really, one thing is important: the cat is by no means a vegetarian! If you feed her with vegetables alone, she will not last long. Although he will eat them – boiled or fried, of course. Of raw vegetables, she will probably eat only tomatoes. As a side dish to the main course (in small quantities, but with obvious pleasure), cats eat potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage – after cooking. Bread – gray and white (but not rusks), eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, dairy products, cheese, melon, tomatoes – you can’t list everything. Cats don’t particularly like smoked food, even if in human understanding these are gourmet products of the highest quality. They have a sharply negative attitude towards raw onions, garlic, radishes, radishes, and even more so to peppers. Cats do not like spicy food at all, but they have a selective attitude towards spices.

If an animal receives raw fish every day, then it has no need to quench its thirst. Do not be surprised that in this case the bowl of water will be left unattended – the animal did not get sick. But in all other cases, when the cat is fed meat and other products, the cat will drink water just like you and me. We have already talked about the specific effect of fresh cow’s milk in previous chapters. It is hardly worth treating your pets with it. In general, if thinking about the amount of calories and the ratio of micronutrients is not your “hobby” – treat feeding your cat easier. A cat, unlike a dog, will never eat anything. She perfectly feels what her body needs. Trust her instinct. Therefore, leave it to her to choose what she prefers to have for lunch every day, and what she wants to pamper herself with occasionally.

Regarding the question of how much and what products, besides fish and meat, should be given to your kitten, he will tell you himself as soon as you sit down at the table.

Many people like it when the cat takes part in the general feast. There is nothing wrong with that, if you do not allow him to walk on the tablecloth and poke his nose into the mustard. You can offer him pieces of the food that you yourself eat. The kitten will sniff the treat and either eat it or refuse. Information that cats allegedly do not take a handout from their hands is false.

Perhaps this is true of homeless cats, taught by bitter experience: first, the “kind uncle” offers a piece of sausage, and a second later the gullible animal gets a kick in the stomach that can knock a one-year-old bull off his feet. Domestic cats – at least cats whose owners are the readers of this book (I believe that people who know the literacy and buy books do not treat their four-legged friends this way) – well, domestic cats do not have such a sad experience , therefore yours: the cat will gladly take what is out of your hands. will be to his taste and what his body needs at the moment. If you offer him from your hands something that is good for food, but right now is not of particular interest, the animal, as a token of gratitude, will rub against your hand and directly against a piece of bread or a boiled potato, as it were “

But the kitten gratefully took a piece of meat or a roll from your hands. Perhaps you disdain to take bread with the same fingers that your kitten’s tongue just touched, and are in a hurry to wash your hands? Are you afraid of worms? Of course, if, after washing your hands, you feel psychologically more comfortable, then do it. But the best thing would be to take the contents of the “litter box in which the animal is using” for analysis and either take appropriate measures or calm down. Wouldn’t your life turn into a real nightmare if you shake with fear every time like a cat out of good intentions? will begin to “wash” your grandson, or your own ear, or your daughter’s fur hat! If the animal does not leave the house, where would it get the worms from? Unless, it will “pick up” them from someone from the household. But I hope your family members are doing well. However, if a cat or a cat is allowed to jump out of the window of an apartment located on the first floor or go out into the staircase and go down – well, anything can happen. Then do what common sense and intuition tell you. In any case, it is not so difficult to fight against worms. How exactly – the veterinarian or special literature will tell you. In general, if you are seriously concerned about hygiene issues, I can advise you to work out for yourself, first of all, the correct general attitude. The basis for it can be the undeniable statement that microbes, worm eggs, microscopic mites, parasites are phenomena of the material world. They are quite real, in spite of their very small dimensions. It is from this that one must proceed, taking care of cleanliness. A lot of people care about hygiene is reduced to a set of ritual actions, a kind of “shamanism” – in the bad sense of the word. I know housewives who thoroughly wash their hands and even wipe them with cologne after petting a cat that has never crossed the threshold of an apartment in her life. At the same time, these same housewives, having come to the market for food, taste the fruits, berries and cottage cheese brought for sale.

They are able, in a panic, to shout to their child: “Don’t you dare touch the cat! It is contagious!” – when a child wants to caress a well-groomed, well-fed neighbor’s cat that has gone out for a walk; And yet, back home, these hygiene advocates are able to make a cream cake from whipped whites without even bothering to wash the eggs before extracting the whites from them. Despite the fact that, according to infectious disease specialists, even such a precaution does not guarantee that you will not contract salmonellosis – a dangerous acute infection proceeding in the form of food poisoning. Many microorganisms constantly surround us. They are in the air, in the water, and on the ground – everywhere. Some of them are disease-causing. Some are extremely dangerous. Whether a person or an animal gets sick depends on several factors. And from the state of the individual’s immune system, and from the accompanying conditions, and from the amount of harmful microbes that have entered the body. Their existence in our world must be treated realistically, constructively. Our health and the health of our four-legged friends depend on our healthy attitude to cleanliness and order around us. The cleaner our streets and courtyards, entrances and apartments are – the less fears we will have a desire for our fluffy pet to take part in a family feast or a sudden outburst of tenderness, which has as its expression the notorious “washing” of your hands or even your face.

But, perhaps, in principle, you do not like it when, during a meal, the animal spins around the table, distracts from the process of absorbing food. Indeed, our little family members often behave very intrusively. Having treated your cat to a part of your dinner two or three times, you can hardly explain to the animal that his presence in your arms in such a situation has long ceased to be perceived as fun. He will find it necessary to joyfully climb into your lap every time you take a spoon in your hand, he will want to taste your soup, try a chicken leg for a tooth, and taste cutlets. And if you categorically refuse to take him in your arms, he will begin to pitifully, piercingly meow, sitting near your feet with the look of an abandoned and abandoned orphan, lonely and defenseless in all respects. Sometimes the baby will timidly raise the front leg and, as it were, follow with it any piece that you carry to your mouth. This will eventually become painful. Children will add a pleasant variety to their audience participation in this performance, which at the end of the dinner takes on the character of a tragicomedy.

Regardless of whether your pet will receive handouts from your table, it is desirable, as we have already said, that the animal is full by the time of the human meal. Otherwise, it will be simply heartless on your part not to give at least a spoonful of porridge or a slice of potatoes to a hungry animal, which, moreover, is completely dependent on you and your will.

We mentioned that it is enough to feed the cats twice a day, but to their fill. And since cats and cats love to dine with their owners; then they will eat from your table with pleasure (a little) those products that they would most likely ignore in the proper time in the cat feeder. For example – vegetables, carrots, cabbage, potatoes with jam. These are all healthy foods. Do not miss the opportunity to enrich your pet’s diet and at the same time express your full respect to them. A cat, unlike a dog, when he is full, will never continue to beg. You can be calm! Having received the required number of treats and enjoying the conversation, he will either thank you and go about his business, or settle down not far from the family table and take a nap to the sound of spoons and the sound of forks.

If, in spite of everything, you don’t like the animals being near the table during lunch, then start by feeding the kitten properly, but then don’t let him get close to the table! Never! Especially the first time. If, while the kitten is small, you will consistently do just that, then your adult animal will also never think of bothering you with attempts to have fun – neither during the first breakfast, nor during the second breakfast; not during both yes, as well as – afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, family celebration, and even if you chew sandwiches and eat soup all day long, your cat will ask you for a piece of cheese or crumb from buns. To a large extent, the behavior of the cat in the house will be determined by the attitude that you set. But do not flatter yourself: not at all because you are a man, ” the king of nature “the crown of creation” The reason is different. You have a certain priority over your pet (or pet): secondly, you are older in age and much larger in size. But in the first, the most important thing: you were the first to occupy this territory. It is very important. even if an adult animal has got into your house and has taken root, your territorial priority will serve you well in forming the right relationship with your guest. The territory, the boundaries of which it is difficult for you and me to define (just as it is not easy for a cat to understand what the state boundaries between two countries are and how it differs from a strip of land, plowed crops of sweet peas) is an extremely important factor in the relationship between cats and cats, both domestic and “garbage” and representatives of the cat tribe living in forests and jungles. No matter how hard you try, you can hardly make your cat obey you. But you can and should set the right tone! The following comparison is appropriate here: your role in the relationship with the cat is not the role of the platoon leader, it is the role of the conductor. I suggest you develop this metaphor yourself. The same goes for the diet of your pets. In matters of the usefulness of fish tail for their organisms, as well as the presence of minerals and vitamins necessary for vital activity in dried apples, they understand no worse than you and me.

The only situation where a cat can make a mistake (and a fatal mistake!) Is by catching and trying to eat a mouse!

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