Are Rabbit at Home Good or Bad?

It’s a ton of work. Plenty of happiness all around. Not for everyone. However, those who become dependent on the substance will typically try more than one.

Where do I begin? The majority of people who keep house rabbits, including myself, are able to talk for hours about our cherished pets. They bring a smile to our faces. They make us feel like crying. They help us remember the underlying purpose of our lives. I suppose I should just talk about the experiences that my family has had with our rabbits. There are currently six rabbits in our care.

There are three different partnerships among them. A bonded pair shares the same living space, including the same cage, and does everything together, from eating and playing to sleeping and cuddling. Even though I have three pairs of rabbits, it is impossible for all six of them to live together because not all rabbits form strong bonds. Because of this, we have to get creative in order to give them time out of their cage, and we can only let one bonded pair out at a time. Every day, rabbits need time spent out of their cages for exercise, and you will quickly learn how to bunny-proof your home.

We have to make the rounds of the breakfast establishments every morning before we can eat our own food; in this community, humans frequently have to fend for themselves because pampered pets are served first. That entails providing everyone with potable water as well as vegetables, food pellets, and hay rounds. After that, we clean the various litter boxes around the house. We perform a detailed cleaning of the cage once a week. In the evening, there is another round of food deliveries. Extra hay rounds are something that we do during the day whenever we have the opportunity.

Whether or not you have a job outside the home, you are still able to own a rabbit. They frequently nap during the day, and their favorite times to play are early morning and late evening. Evenings are typically reserved for our sessions of cage time. We have acquired the ability to recognize normal behaviors and are aware that abnormal behaviors along with other signs almost always call for a visit to the veterinarian. The most unsettling aspect of having a rabbit as a pet is the fact that if it stops eating, you need to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. This is because a rabbit can actually pass away rather suddenly if he does not consume food and his body begins to shut down. Yes, just like with any other pet, there are potential health problems and costs associated with veterinary care.

So, let’s see, we’ve discussed the amount of work that will be required, as well as the costs associated with health care and veterinary care. Let’s move on to more enjoyable topics, shall we? Two of my rabbits have had their tails fanned by both our cat and our dog, and I have seen it happen. The rabbits adore the fact that the dog or cat will occasionally wag its tail in their direction like a fan while they remain perfectly still. A true kodak moment.

Bear in mind how quickly rabbits pick up the skill of begging just like a dog does. I take a jar of papaya treats out of the cupboard, give it a good shake, and whichever pair of rabbits is hopping around the house at the time will immediately come over to get their hands on this delectable treat.

Every single rabbit, just like every other animal and person, possesses their own unique personality. My queen diva bun, Tabitha, is the one who actually owns this house. She has formed a close relationship with the shy Pumpkin Pie. Both Lolita and Drifter are bonded to their respective partners; Lolita is bonded to my timid big guy Jordan, while Drifter is bonded to Six. Their weight can range anywhere from four to twelve pounds at a time.

Everyone in the family enjoys sneaking into my son’s room and playing with his toys if the door is left open. We caught a rabbit in the act of stealing a matchbox car and chewing off the wheels of the vehicle. Bear in mind that we picked up the lesson very quickly and improved our bunny-proofing very quickly. They also have a penchant for gnawing the buttons off of television and other remote controls. It’s true that things have been broken around here, and occasionally you have to take them to the veterinarian if they got into something that could endanger their lives, but that’s why you learn to supervise them and bunnyproof your home.

If I lie down on the floor on my stomach, my bunnies will come and run up and down my back like they’re playing king of the hill. If I get on the floor and tell Jordan to come to kiss his mother, he will do it if I call him. They will clamber up on the couch to socialize or conduct an investigation. They will make an effort to go in the direction that they are aware you do not want them to go. If I am too late to start feeding them, they will start banging their dishes and rattling their toys. They prefer rigid timetables.

Your home will suffer some damage; in severe cases, termites can even gnaw through woodwork and carpeting. They will get into such an adorable fetal position before falling asleep. They will occasionally roll over onto their side like a dog. When they are so still in their sleep, it can be unnerving for you, and you may find yourself checking to make sure that their tiny bodies are still breathing. In my opinion, there is not a significant difference between them and any other toddler or pet. They require tender loving care as well as undivided attention and love. In the same way that you will continue to love your other pets and children no matter what they do, you will continue to love this animal. I would much rather have a home that is loved and well-used, complete with pets, than one that is immaculate but empty of pets and devoid of any life experiences. They never fail to make me forget the pressures of everyday life and make me laugh on a daily basis. They have wonderful souls encased in adorable bodies made of fur. They have taught me a lot of valuable lessons about life. They are a wonderful addition to the family that we have.

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