Answer Your Cats Questions [communicate With Your Pet: Part 5 2022]

Do I Need To Do Anything To Prepare For My Car Trip?

It would be ideal if the cat relieved its bowels and bladder before the trip, but unfortunately, like children, many cats forget to do this. If the cat has been sick in the car before, it should not eat eight to twelve hours before the trip. But even a non-beaten cat with a sensitive stomach produces copious saliva caused by nausea from motion sickness. These cats should take antiemetic tablets before leaving.

What Would You Advise Me To Do To Get A Better Job In A New Place?

Take some used toilet filler, limit yourself to one room for a couple of days, and stay home for several weeks.

What Should You Do In Order Not To Get Lost?

Don’t leave the house. If a cat leaves the house, there is always a risk that it will get lost and not find its way home.

I Heard That The Worst Thing I Have To Face Is The Roads. Is It Really So?

Unfortunately yes. Cars are deadly enemies of cats, more dangerous than dogs, humans and even infectious diseases.

Sending Pets To A Cat Camp

My owners go on vacation and tell me that they will send me to a cat camp for three weeks. What it is?

Staying in a boarding house for cats can injure some cats and not affect others. And in this case, the reaction of the cat will depend on its character. Introverted cats find this ordeal unpleasant. They huddle in a corner of their house, declare an unofficial strike, do not allow them to approach and refuse to eat. Sociable cats look at their stay in the boarding house as an interesting adventure, which brings acquaintance with new interesting people, unknown food and smells of other cats.

Choosing Between Going A Cat Camp Or An Independent Life With Neighbor’s Help

I was given a choice: either a cat camp, or an independent life and the help of a neighbor who will come to feed me. What’s better?

Both options have their strengths. Good boarding houses have professionals and do everything in their power to make the cat happy, eat well, and be well-groomed while there. The owners of the boarding house want to be sure that the next time the owners of the cat leave, they will bring her back to them.

Quarantining Cat When Moving To Another Country

Now my owners say that we are all moving to another country together and that I will be quarantined upon arrival. Is it fair to do this to me?

Quarantine lasts from several weeks to six months, depending on the country where you are going. It exists to determine if a cat has rabies. Quarantine boarding houses in many ways resemble ordinary cat boarding houses. So, if the cat has already lived in a boarding house before and this experience was successful, it will not be worse for her in quarantine.

Feeling Not Well

I don’t know why, but when I’m not well, I want to hide. Isn’t there a better way to tell my hosts that I’m not feeling well?

Naturally, the cat hides in such cases. Because of their size, sick cats are easy prey for large predators. So when they are not feeling well, their self-preservation instinct tells them to hide until they feel better.

Licking And Nibbling Self

When the owners are not looking at me, I like to lick and nibble my fur coat on my back, but I do it so often that after that, scabs and bitten fur remain. How can I stop mutilating myself?

The ideal would be to find out the reason for this behavior and end it. The most likely cause of this self-mutilation is an allergic reaction to flea saliva.

Swallowing The Hair

Sometimes I lick my hind legs and belly, swallowing all the hair so that the groin remains almost bald. Are the reasons the same as when biting wool on your back?

Sometimes the same, but there is also another, more serious one. In cats, anal sacs are located on either side of the anus, which emit a smell every time the cat defecates. This smell serves as a daily newspaper for other cats, telling them exactly where and even when the owner of the smell last visited a given place, whether it was a cat or a cat, and if a cat, then whether she was in heat.

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