All You Need To Know To Set Up & Install A Tropical Aquarium At Home 2021

A tropical aquarium is probably better suited to fish than a tiny jar! Instead of just a goldfish, get involved in breeding your favorite tropical fish. Thanks to the advice provided in this article, set up your aquarium as an expert.

What Size, What Volume An Aquarium?

Naturally this exotic fish (Guppy) feels lonely and abandoned, that’s why we buy or manufacture larger aquariums.

The bigger the tank, the better the equilibrium is reached.

According to the calculation of 1 (small) fish for 4 liters, only 25 (small) fish could be put in a 100 liter tank.

But we can put a lot more if we add filtration and good aeration. (Bubbler)

Of course, the fewer fish there will be problems, fights, pollution, diseases, and deaths.

This applies to both small fish in our rivers and freshwater exotic fish.

Larger fish = larger aquariums.

Minimum size:

  • 40cm long = volume of about 20 liters.
  • 50cm long = volume of about 40 liters.


A small aquarium can walk by itself near a window (not in the sun, risk of cooking), but a medium or large aquarium must imperatively have artificial lighting.

Air Pump

There are all kinds of commercial air pumps, more or less good, large and small.

A pump can be used at the same time for a bubble diffuser and a filter by means of “T” or cross-shaped branches and valves or taps to regulate the flow.

The Filter

In an aquarium overcrowded waste, faded leaves, uneaten food, excrement, accumulate faster than nature can recycle.

So you have to give a boost by putting a biological filter.  The filter can be bought or manufactured by you.

Temperature – Thermometers

A thermometer can be very useful in an aquarium. In a room where the temperature is not stabilized the temperature differences can be enormous.

Some fish like a precise temperature, a guppy will be comfortable around 25 ° while a molly will 28 ° and neon will prefer 22 °. Aquarium thermometers contain lead pellets to ballast them, allowing them to stand on the bottom.

Attention all the thermometers are not exact, when buying it will be necessary to compare them.

Digital Thermometers

They are plastic and stickers, to stick on a side window outside the aquarium.

Their lifespan is variable depending on the quality between 1 year and 20 years and more.

Water Change

When should I change the water? It all depends on the number of people in your bin and the amount of food you throw in your bin.

How many? The water changes are 1 / 10th a week otherwise 1 time per month and a maximum 1 / 5th of the volume. In the days following the water changes, the plants grow twice as fast thanks to the mineral salts contained in the new water.

If you use tap water, let it sit for one day in a bucket with a bubbler to allow the chlorine to evaporate as much as possible.

Nobody likes chlorine or fish or plants, let alone bacteria.

How To Change The Water Of The Aquarium?

With a simple flexible plastic hose found in aquarium stores, water is siphoned into a bucket. .Small pipe to add water.

Maintenance Of A Tropical Aquarium

To properly maintain your tropical aquarium, you must do the following:

  • Clean the inside walls of the aquarium weekly
  • Pass the vacuum cleaner on the bottom of the aquarium
  • Test the water
  • Change 25% of the aquarium water after 15 days
  • Prune the plants every month
  • Check the filter and the water pump every month
  • Clean the outside windows of the aquarium every month

Note that you must avoid moving the filled tray or creating stacks of decor. You could hurt the fish.

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