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When you lose a pet, it can be a very trying experience. Most of the time, people who own pets do not give much thought to the fate of their animal if something were to happen to them. There are many veterinary practices that will offer to cremate your pet and give you back the ashes. However, most crematories do not permit the owners of the deceased to be present during the process.

When Nicholas Cognetta’s cherished Rottweiler, Chivas, passed away in 1999, he came to the realization that this was the case. Nicholas, who has prior experience working in the funeral industry, felt that it was important to both observe and participate in the process. He was concerned that his cherished Chivas would be cremated separately, and he wanted confirmation that this would be the case. In the end, he would receive only Chivas’ ashes.

Nicholas came to the conclusion that there was nowhere else to go. There was not a single pet crematorium that practiced open admission. Nicholas was in a unique position due to the fact that he was already working in the funeral industry. As a result, he decided to open his own facility in order to provide the much-requested service of an open-door pet crematory as well as a pet funeral service center.

Nicholas established All Pets Crematory & Remembrances in the city of Stamford in the year 2002. The facility is up to date with the latest technology, and they invite owners to come in and be a part of the process in whatever capacity is most convenient for them. It is possible for owners to be present during the actual cremation process. The location provides a setting that is casual while still being comforting, and it allows you to select from a variety of services and remembrance items that have been selected to bring you solace in your time of loss. The facility provides a private viewing area so that you can spend those last few cherished moments with your pet before it is put to sleep for good.

In addition, All Pets Crematory offers exceptionally quick turn-around times for crematories. If necessary, ashes can be returned as soon as the same day; however, the process typically takes between one and two days, although some locations can take as long as a week.

All Pets Crematory provides its customers with a comprehensive selection of memorial goods, including jewelry, caskets, monuments, markers, and even keepsake jewelry in addition to urns and vaults for the storage of cremated remains. In addition to cremation, there are additionally available choices to select from. Transportation, comprehensive taxidermy services, and the availability of a minister for memorial services at the location of your choice are all provided by All Pets Crematory.

All Pets Crematory desires to be of service to their clients by assisting them in creating cherished memories of their departed pets. You can learn more about them by going to their website, which can be found at They can be contacted at the number 203-967-4949 and are situated in Stamford at 120 Myrtle Avenue.

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