Dog Lure Coursing Equipment & Machine for Home Use (Amazon Best Buy 2022)

Lure coursing is a sport designed expressly for the canine kingdom’s runners, the sight-hounds. Italian Greyhounds are ideal for this activity and like it.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Sighthound Field Association are two main organizations in the sport of lure coursing (ASFA). Both organizations provide Italian Greyhounds with tournaments and titles. ASFA titles need more point earnings than AKC titles, making them more difficult to obtain. AKC competition allows dogs to receive a maximum score of 50, with a score of 25 deemed successful. Dogs must achieve 100 points and have two prior first-place victories or one first-place victory and two second-place wins to acquire an ASFA championship. The Saluki Club of America and the United Kennel Club both organize lure coursing trials.

The inaugural trials were held in 1972 by the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA). Lures coursing is essentially dog racing using a simulated rabbit or other prey animal as a lure. The lure is often a white plastic bag or a strip of rabbit fur pulled by a rope and pulley system. Owners of Italian Greyhounds, Salukis, retired racing Greyhounds, and Afghan Hounds enjoy amateur lure coursing. Almost everything that catches his interest may be used to teach your Italian Greyhounds for lure coursing. There are local groups that hold open lure coursing practices.

Because Italian Greyhounds lose all sense while pursuing prey, you must take steps to keep your lure courser safe. Check the field for gopher holes and other dangers that might trip and hurt your Italian Greyhound. Lure coursers may get trapped in the rope-and-pulley system that pulls the lure. Make certain that the operator is experienced and follows all safety requirements. Lure coursing Italian Greyhounds may overexert themselves and tear or strain muscles or even shatter bones, so always warm up your dog before participating.

Machine for coursing lures

Amazon lure coursing equipment

Italian Greyhounds are calm, sensitive canines that need a calm, harmonious environment. Visit our website to learn more about Italian Dog Lure Coursing.

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